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Putting Future STEM Teachers on the Fast Track

According to the National Center for Education, more than 32 percent of secondary math teachers and 19 percent of high school science teachers are now teaching subjects in which they have no undergraduate major, minor or specialized training. NCE statistics further illustrate that St. Louis in particular is having difficulty keeping up with the turnover rate of STEM teachers due to retirements, attrition and other factors.

The UMSL College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Education have combined resources to change this trend with the We Teach MO program.

We Teach MO enables undergraduates to earn both a bachelor’s degree from the College of Arts and Sciences and a teacher certification in biology, chemistry, physics or math within 138 credit hours.

WE Teach MO

What to expect ...

Step 1 Introduction to Inquiry Approaches to STEM Education

This is a one credit course offered to science and math majors who would like to explore teaching at the secondary level. Students observe elementary science or math classrooms, design inquiry-based lessons, and teach a STEM lesson to elementary students. The course is offered under the following designations: BIOL 2010, CHEM 2010, PHYSCS 2010, MATH 2010, and SEC ED 2010.

Step 2 Designing Inquiry-Based STEM Experiences

Students who complete Step 1 can further explore secondary teaching in Step 2. This one credit course builds on concepts learned in Step 1 and the field experience takes place in a middle school setting. The course is offered under the following designations: BIOL 2011, CHEM 2011, PHYSCS 2011, MATH 2011, and SEC ED 2011.