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Letter from Dean Taylor

Interim Dean Ann Taylor, Ph.D.

Whether you are a curious high school student imagining a possible future, a seasoned educator seeking more professional learning and qualifications, or a community member thinking of changing your career, the College of Education has much to offer you, including a warm welcome and a supportive, collaborative environment in which to grow.

The College of Education at the University of Missouri St. Louis, is one of the state of Missouri's larger preparers of educators, and an education innovation hub bringing the best of what we know into one exciting learning space. Through our innovative programs, we are working to create synergistic relationship between practitioners, researchers, and education innovators. Practitioners include educators in formal and informal educational settings who support and influence children and youth. Scholars, while typically faculty, include others committed to a research-based approach to transforming youth learning outcomes. Education innovators are national and local practitioners, faculty, or others who take risks, try new things, invent or reinvent approaches that impact youth and educational systems in positive ways.

COE Conceptual Framework

The college wholeheartedly engages all three constituent groups, embracing innovation, incubating new ideas, solving problems of practice, and seeking ways to take the best work forward in an entrepreneurial spirit. To be effective and efficient, we partner with national programs such as Teach for America, Teaching Channel, New Leaders, the Carnegie Project for the Education Doctorate, and others who are interested in better lives for children and youth. We partner locally with dozens of school groups: twenty districts, our seven sponsored charter schools, independent schools, and youth serving organizations across our region.

As Dean, my role is to continue working alongside the faculty and staff on the trajectory we have established over the last five years, working to bring the vision of a unified community, with equitable opportunity, and unlimited potential within the reach of all our students.

You will find many opportunities to join us in this exciting collaborative approach to education.  The College is comprised of two academic departments which house the outstanding research faculty who lead all our programing: The Department of Education Sciences and Professional Preparation provides programming in counseling, school psychology, higher education, and educational studies; while the Department of Educator Preparation, Innovation, and Research provides P-12 teacher and administrator preparation, certification, and professional learning, including master's and doctoral level degrees for educators.

Browse this site to find wonderful educational opportunities, learn more about our research, and come and join us as we proudly serve the region with expertise, knowledge, and innovation.


Ann Taylor, Ph.D.