Studio Schools

Studio Schools Empower Teacher Candidates to Achieve Real Outcomes

The UMSL educator preparation program offers an innovative model of clinical experience. No other model so fully empowers teacher candidates and the schools in which they work.

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Teacher candidates become Thinking Partners in the 'Inquiry into My Practice.' They frequently engage in 'IMP' processes by which they develop new understandings and new confidence.

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Share Classroom Innovations via Teaching Channel

Teaching Channel's mission is to create an environment where teachers can watch, share, and learn new techniques to help every student grow.

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Apple iPads for Candidates in Studio Schools Practicums

UMSL supports all candidates as they use mobile devices for teaching and learning. We have some devices for practicum candidates to borrow. (Ask Clinical Experience Office for application).

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A Network of School Partners throughout the Region

Differentiated staffing allows schools to team UMSL candidates with school staff expertise to provide P-12 learners more in-depth and targeted support, more flexibility, and more intervention where it is most needed.

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Voices of Successful Teacher Candidates

Hear from teachers who were trained in the innovative Studio Schools model of clinical experience.

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Developmental Assessment that Drives Educator Effectiveness

SCOPE facilitates assessments to nurture candidates' growth over time. Developing teachers load evidence, record experiences, and recieve standards-based feedback.

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Studio Schools

Studio Schools are ResponsiveDesign™ teams of candidates, clinical educators, teachers, and administrators collaborating to explore, envision, and enact innovative solutions that deepen learning and raise P-12 student achievement.

Collective Impact

Studio Schools are located in a wide variety of settings throughout the St. Louis region. Working together, the UMSL College of Education and its school partners are impacting student learning while promoting educator quality, advancing professional development, expanding collaboration, and fostering innovation.

Teacher Candidates

Teacher Candidates are aspiring educators who enroll in practicum courses as they complete UMSL's teacher preparation program. They are immersed in Studio School sites where they are regarded as full members of the staff. They achieve measureable Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) with real P-12 learners.

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Clinical Educators

Clinical Educators are expert teachers who frequently visit Teacher Candidates at their Studio Schools sites to provide support and supervision. They lead seminars, give one-on-one guidance, and foster partnerships for collaboration and intentional reflection.

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Clinical Teachers

Clinical Teachers are working educators who bring Teacher Candidates into their classrooms and empower them to achieve positive outcomes with actual P-12 students. They guide the emerging teachers' induction into the school, the district, and the profession.

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98% of learners at Studio Schools say that UMSL Teacher Candidates are responsive to the unqiue needs of each student.

96% of learners at Studio Schools say that UMSL Teacher Candidates effectively communicate learning objectives.

Points of Pride
The Studio Schools model is informed by the CoLab, the Cultural Landscapes Collaboratory, sharing habits of action centered upon 3 Durable Practices: Intentional Collaborating, Intentional Interdisciplinary Instruction, and Intentional Critically Reflecting. Connect with the CoLab to explore these practices.

The UMSL College of Education shapes the educational landscape in the St. Louis region, advances educator quality and professional development in Missouri, and is recognized nationally as a leader of vital research and as a hub of innovation. Connect with the COE via social media to stay informed of the latest news.