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Welcome to the College of Education Advising Office

The College of Education Advising Office operates under the direction of Dr. Ellen Meadows and is supervised by Dr. Shawn Woodhouse, Associate Dean of Student Services. Included in our listing are in-house advisors for undergraduate and graduate students below the doctoral level, advisors for our off-site programs, and the advisor for our transitional high school program.

Welcome to the UMSL College of Education! Our college provides pathways to teacher certification, professional community educator careers, and career advancement for educators at the Bachelors, Masters, Educational Specialist, EdD and PhD levels. We also offer the Sport Management degree.

As the Director of Advising for the UMSL College of Education, I am proud to work with faculty, administrators, staff and advisors who care about each and every student, and care about the future of education in our community. My background in K - 12 teaching convinced me that supporting our teacher candidates and community educators was the best way for me to impact the future. I am here to make sure you receive the very best in advising and can access all the resources you might need. Feel free to contact me and share your concerns or experiences at meadowse@umsl.edu and come by to visit with me—as with all our advisors, my door is open. If we are working remotely, we are easy to reach and easily accessible by email or QR code to your advisor, and you can set up Zoom and phone meetings.

Careers in education allow you to impact the lives of children and adults in meaningful and critical ways, and provide a collegial and rewarding work environment, as well as a dependable future—there is always a need for teachers and community educators! The UMSL COE advising team has many collective years in teaching, counseling, advising and school administration at all levels, and is there for you at each step you take toward becoming the educator who makes the difference.

Ellen Meadows, EdD
Director of Advising
UMSL College of Education