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The teaching profession remains a rewarding career field. Teachers are important for preparing the next generation of contributing, global citizens. Secondary educators are responsible for molding and preparing young people for their futures as productive citizens and success in the workplace.

Teachers at different grade levels require learning the necessary skills through different degree paths. A secondary education degree is required for those who want to teach students in middle school, junior high or high school levels (grades 6-12). Secondary teaching positions are available anywhere in the country in both public and private schools.

Because middle and high school students are in a unique time of development, secondary teachers must learn pedagogical techniques for effective communication with adolescents. This challenging age also requires specific preparation in curriculum, teaching methods and a major in a subject area such as history, English, math, biology, chemistry or languages. Along with the degree in secondary education teachers will also earn state teacher certification.

Coordinator of Music Education:

J. Andy Goodman

260 Arts Administration Building
(314) 516-6607


Slide 1 Education alumnus James Young wins Ferguson-Florissant School District Teacher of the Year
James Young, sixth-grade musical theatre teacher at Johnson-Wabash Sixth Grade Center, was named Ferguson-Florissant School District’s 2021-2022 Teacher of the Year. Young, a graduate of the UMSL College of Education, was nominated by his peers and selected from others who were named building-level Teachers of the Year. (Photo by August Jennewein)

In addition to the requirement for a successful audition on their primary instrument, piano and guitar students applying for the BM: Music Education program must also successfully audition for the full participation in (1)  Applied Music (seven hours) and University Singers (for those seeking vocal/choral certification), or (2) Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, or Orchestra (for those seeking instrumental certification).

In addition to the required music core curriculum, candidates must complete the following:

Other General Education Requirements 1
All B.M. in Music Education majors must meet the university and college general education requirements.
GPA Requirement
Students enrolled in B.M. in music education must maintain minimum GPAs (2.75 cumulative; 3.0 music; and 3.0 professional education).
Proficiency Exam
Students working toward certification in choral/vocal or instrumental music K-12 are required to pass a keyboard proficiency examination before admission to student teaching in music, usually before or during the sixth semester of their program.

All of the courses in the General Education Requirement Area must be a minimum of two semester hours.

Instrumental Track
AP MUS 1410 - 34597
One hour every semester in progress toward degree with a minimum of 7 credit hours
EN PER 1500University Orchestra (MOTR PERF 102O) 14
or EN PER 1520 University Symphonic Band (MOTR PERF 102B)
or EN PER 1530 University Wind Ensemble
MUS ED 3570Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Elementary and Secondary General Music 23
MUS ED 3680Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Instrumental Music 23
PDGOGY 1250Brass Techniques2
PDGOGY 1260Woodwind Techniques2
PDGOGY 1270String Techniques2
PDGOGY 1280Percussion Instrumental Techniques2
PRACTM 2610Instrumental Literature Laboratory1
PRACTM 3521Conducting II - Instrumental2
Total Hours28

One hour every semester in progress toward degree with a minimum of 4  credit hours in EN PER 1500, EN PER 1520, or EN PER 1530.


 Must be taken in residence before enrolling in SEC ED 4993 and SEC ED 4994.

Vocal Track 1
AP MUS 1410 - 34597
One hour every semester in progress toward degree with a minimum of 7 credit hours
EN PER 1410The University Singers (MOTR PERF 102C) 24
MUS ED 3570Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Elementary and Secondary General Music 33
MUS ED 3710Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Choral Music 33
PRACTM 1250Singer's Diction: English, Italian And German1
PRACTM 1260Singer's Diction: Latin, French, And Spanish1
PRACTM 3522Conducting II - Choral2
PRACTM 2611Choral Literature Laboratory1
THRY COM 3420Choral Arranging2
Total Hours24

Vocal certification students whose applied area is not voice must consult an advisor for additional courses.


One hour every semester in progress toward degree with a minimum of 4 credit hours.


Must be taken in residence before enrolling in SEC ED 4993 and SEC ED 4994.

Professional Education and Student Teaching

Level I: Exploring Education as a Profession
TCH ED 2000Becoming a Professional Educator1
TCH ED 2209Foundations of Teaching in American Schools2
ED PSY 2212Child and Adolescent Development3
Level II: Teaching and Learning Across Context and Clinical Experiences
ED PSY 3312Psychology of Learning, Instruction, and Assessment3
SPEC ED 3318Inclusive Classrooms3
TCH ED 4391Literacy for Adolescent Learners in Content Areas3
SEC ED 4992Practicum I: Site-Based Experience in Music3
Level III: Synthesizing Theory and Practice in Education
SEC ED 4993Practicum II: 12-Week Site-Based Experience in Music9
SEC ED 4994Practicum II: 4-Week Site-Based Experience in Music3
Total Hours30
DESE Music (Grades K-12) Certification
The College of Education will recommend you to the Missouri Department of Elementary/Secondary Education for teacher certification in K-12 Music Education, Instrumental and Vocal, at the completion of this program if you have met all state requirements.