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Teacher Helping Teachers Teach Science Inquiry: The “Just ASK” Project

The project builds on 15 years of NSF-funded work by the “Just ASK” team on “adapting science kits” (ASK) as a K-6 professional development strategy and using distance technologies to reach small, rural and small-town school districts.

Objectives: In addition to developing and testing a new generation of “Just ASK” resources and distance delivery strategies, the “Just ASK” project is producing: (1) a validated set of ASK lessons and accompanying classroom videos specific to STC kits, (2) a web-based community of practice facilitated by Polycom view stations and an “Elluminate LiveTM“ portal where ASK activities and classroom videos can be accessed and posted and where teachers can interact with expert ASK teachers and other teachers nation-wide, and (3) research evidence on the impact of ASK communities of practice on school districts programs, teachers and students in 9 field test school districts.