The University of Missouri-St. Louis College of Education is the leading preparer of educators, scholars, school psychologists, counselors, therapists, and educational leaders in the St. Louis region and beyond, and this is because of the high quality and commitment of our faculty and staff through the years.

The Faculty and Staff Tribute Scholarship was founded in 2020 to honor the remarkable faculty, staff, and retirees of the College of Education. We invite you to honor a beloved current or deceased faculty or staff member, recognize a milestone, or pay tribute to the legacy of someone who taught and influenced so many. Your gift will be pooled into a scholarship fund that awards need-based aid to current Education students.

The most direct way to donate is through the online pledge form:

In Memoriam

Patricia Boyer
Associate Professor
2001-2021 (College of Education)

Teri Furlow
Senior Academic Advisor