Bayer Education Bio-Lab (TLC-MON)

E Desmond Lee Technology & Learning Center : MSEC
# Facility Type
Bayer Education Bio-Lab 24
This lab provides space for all types of scientific endeavor. It is equipped with a Sympodium connected to a pc and laptop hookup. The large projection screen, numerous electrical outlets, and sink provide an ideal for math and science activities. VOS equipment and wireless connectivity are also available.
E Desmond Lee Technology & Learning Center MSEC
05800110 / TLC-MON Classroom
COE-TLC-STANDARD Faculty/Staff   TLC Operational Staff   TLC Temp Room Reservation Ability  
TLC Operational Staff COE
This room is supported by trained support staff, available on demand. Rooms without this feature are NOT guaranteed support until the next business day.
Room features an Interactive White Board (IWB), typically a SmartTech IWB (SmartBoard). This device allows instructors to intuitively interact and manipulate the rooms presentation machine.
This room allows instructors to connect their personal laptop up to the projector and sound system, switching to the input using the wall mounted control panel.
Laptops are available for use in this room.
An instructor/presenter station is available for use in this room.
Presentation station is equipped with a webcom enabling remote attendance.
Room is equipped to record class session using the Video Observation System (VOS) by a simple press of a button.
Room has hot and cold running water available for use.
Access to UM Saint Louis' wireless broadcast (TritonNet) is available from this location.