Video Observation System (VOS):

The COE's Video Observation System (VOS) allows users to easily create an audio-visual record of microteaching sessions, meetings, presentations, etc. Anything that you'd like to be able to share or to keep a record of for future reference can be captured by simply pressing a button. Your video record can be retrieved from the TLC at anytime by simply stopping by the front desk and referencing the room number and time. Please see the specifications below for details.

NOTE: Video files will be saved, unless otherwise requested, as Windows Only executables that can be played on ANY windows machine without installing special players or codecs. Macintosh users, however, may request that their video be saved as QuickTime files that can be played natively on the Mac OS.

Attention Microteaching Instructors

  • To insure that there are no conflicts, please schedule usage of these rooms using the COE Reservation System or drop by the Center and talk to a member of our staff.
  • Use our VOS Session Log (EXCEL | PDF) for multiple continuous sessions, return to TLC Front Desk.
  • Instruct students to stop and start recording between sessions. This provides our staff with clear markers for video export.
  • Sessions should be limited to 15 or 30 mins each. Any more, especially for rooms with multiple camera angles, will result in files too large to render and/or download.
  • Allow two business days for processing. An email will be sent to the entire course with a download location.
  • To remotely observe live sessions, drop by the TLC Front Desk to request the reserved VOS Instructor's Laptop. Be certain to request a demonstration if you have not used it before.