High Speed Scanning

Xerox WorkCentre 6400S Document and image scanning should be easy. However, for most, the only option is a flatbed scanner and tons of time. The TLC has made it one of its core services to remove as many of the barriers as possible between the paper and digital world of information exchange. One of the centerpieces of this effort is walk-up high-speed scanner located by the TLC's front desk. A couple minutes of instruction will be all you need to begin digitizing your documents for online sharing and collaboration.


  • Full color scanning maintains the intended presentation of the document.
  • Scan presets allow you to easily choose if a document is to be high-quality or more portable.
  • Convert paper documents to text-searchable PDFs in one step for easy archiving, organizing and searching.
  • Scan files directly to email addresses or store on a central server with network scanning.
  • Convenient walk-up operation. Easy to read and navigate, the large color touch screen guides you through even the most complex operations.
  • Image data in the device’s memory can be automatically “shredded” after every job or on request.

Support Options

  1. Walk-up Usage: The device is available during the TLC's operational hours. TLC Staff members will be happy to show you how to scan to your email inbox and customize scans to your specific needs.
  2. Specialized Support: Secure scanning and/or scanning to network shared folder will require logging into the device using you SSO ID and password. Additionally, it requires our system administrator to build a scan template for you. Please contact COE Admin to request consultation on your specific needs.