The following rate sheet applies only to non-COE activities and COE needs that sit outside of regular TLC services to the college.

Primary Areas:

Conference Room 1, Monsanto Science Education Lab, Sigma Aldrich Education Bio-Lab


Large Venue:

Boeing Auditorium

Additional Considerations:

  1. A one-time non-refundable $50 application fee (to be applied to final costs) is assessed to secure your reservation
  2. For events with 15+ attendees there is a mandatory support staff fee: $25 under 4 hours; $50 above hours
  3. Use of MSEC facility laptops carries with it a $100 setup fee. Laptops are NOT available outside the MSEC facility

Other On-Campus Facilities:

For elsewhere on campus, please view the rates published by Instructional Computing to rent Technology Enhanced Classrooms (TEC) or call the Office of Continuing Education of UM-Saint Louis @ (314) 516-6590. The Millenium Student Center also offers facilities for University and non-University events through the MSC Scheduling Office.


All staffing needs are subject to qualified staff availability. Support requirements are guided by a recommended 1:10 support ratio for group needs. (e.g. 40 people will need 4 support staff.) Unless otherwise agreed, there is a minimum one hour charge.
An additional surcharge of $10/hour will be applied to tasks that require extended physical labor.


The following items are typically available through the Center when necessary. However, we strongly recommend that clients purchase their own consumable media to save on costs. Approved program specific supplies will be provided at cost.



(for use with this popper)
Client is responsible for testing recorded media before leaving the Center. NO REFUNDS!