The TLC runs 'Standard' hours during the regular school year and special hours during Summer Session and holidays.

Directions to South Campus via QR Code

QR code (short for Quick Response) allows users with Smart Phones or other QR enabled device to quickly access web locations, phone numbers, email, etc. The location listed below relocates to a Google Maps destination at the entrance of UMSL's South Campus.

Directions to Marillac Hall

For the sake of simplicity these instructions assume travellers are using the I-70 corridor. For more detailed directions, use the Google Maps features below.

Exit Right onto North Hanley Road (Exit 239), turn right

Exit Right onto North Hanley Road (Exit 229), turn left

Stay in left-hand lane, at second stop-light turn left on Natural Bridge Road

Keep in the right-hand lane, immediately after second stop-light (Arlmont/University Blvd) turn right on West Drive.

Now heading South on West Drive you will top a small hill and see University Meadows (student apartments) and to the left of this, a cresent shaped building. This is Marillac Hall. Park in the lots fronting the building. Now see directions through Marillac to find the TLC.


Directions thru Marillac to the TLC

If you are unfamiliar with Marillac Hall, these direction attempt to visually guide you through the building to the doors of the TLC. Please inquire at the front desk for any further directions needed.
Heading onto South Campus, Marillac Hall is the foremost building fronted by a several parking lots. Find a space in any of the student or vistors lots. Visitor passes are available through the Center for scheduled TLC functions.
Take the entrance at the front of the building.
As you enter, you'll see a staircase in front of you. Behind this, you'll take a long hallway deeper into the building.
It's a long hallway, take your first available right.
Immediately after taking this right, you'll see double-doors (typically open) off to your right. Enter here.

Map to Marillac Hall on UMSL's South Campus

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