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SCOPE: The System for Comprehensive Ongoing Preparation of Educators

SCOPE has moved to MyCOE!

The College of Education is now implementing a new platform for course-embedded assessments.  SCOPE will now be a part of the MyCOE data system (  This new system is available for all COE students in all programs.  It's free, easy to use, and centralizes all evaluation data into one place.  There is no set up necessary.  If your course has a SCOPE assessment, it will now be available on the new MyCOE:SCOPE. Please do not require students to purchase a Foliotek account.  Please update all syllabi to reflect this transition.  The only exception is for Teacher Candidates in Practicum 2, who must still purchase or renew an existing Foliotek account.  The new system is still in development, so there may be some glitches.  If you have any suggestions or feedback, please contact the administrators at

Rater instructions for evaluating assessments in MyCOE:SCOPE

  1. Log in to using your UMSL SSOID and password (same as MyGateway).
  2. After logging in, the first page will be a Dashboard containing a box labelled “My Ratings.”  This box will list your current courses with course-embedded assessments.  Click on the desired course to proceed.
  3. The page should now be the assessment browser with a list of all the candidates in the course with their respective assessments and their statuses.  "Needs Rater Action" indicates that the assessment has been submitted and is ready for rating.  Click on an assessment to rate.
  4. The assessment is divided into two parts: on the left is the candidates' form submission, on the right is your scoring section.  You may return the assessment to the student or complete the rating. 
  5. If you have any technical questions, issues, or suggestions, please contact the SCOPE administrators through

Throughout the College of Education, aspiring teachers, leaders, and counselors use SCOPE as a tool for developmental assessment. SCOPE collects aggregate data that helps the College identify its strengths, enhance its programs, and make important decisions. These processes are necessary for College-level and program-level accreditation. The MyCOE system supplies the web-based framework of SCOPE.


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