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Do The Write Thing

From everyday high school relationships, crushes, drama, and boring classes - to kidnappings, Ninja wars, superpowers, and heroes ridding the world of bad guys - to fantastical angels, soul mates, and getting sucked into a video game - these 8th grade budding authors tell all.

In their own styles and voices, students in Ms. Ashanti Moorehead’s Creative Writing class at Long Middle School this school year imagined, planned, created, wrote, revised, edited, and published individual short chapter books and novellas, strengthening their writing and storytelling skills along the way. The stories – considered works in progress -- also have been compiled into Eleven, an anthology that includes all of the books under one cover.

In May, the student authors hosted a celebration of their writing accomplishments by sharing their books and talents with other students, parents, relatives, friends, and staff.

Printing, as well as writing, revising, and editing assistance, was provided by RITE.