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Writing Mentoring

As part of RITE's Conscious Choice program, over 30 male and female Roosevelt and Sumner High School students meet at least once a month in small writing mentoring groups with passionate, dedicated mentors.  This group of community mentors is comprised of undergraduate students, graduate students, working professionals and teachers.  They build one-on-one relationships with students and expose them to a writing-based curriculum developed by a certified English teacher.  Over the past three sessions, students have learned about the stages of the writing process in a variety of ways.  They have drafted and revised clay sculptures- learning that both artists and writers attempt to view their work from different perspectives!  In addition, they have learned about voice by creating written responses to inspirational quotations/prompts, holding meaningful conversations with their peers on paper.  During second semester, they will compete for UMSL scholarships as they outline, draft, revise, edit, publish and present personalized essays.