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“I am not surprised by Michelle’s improvement during our time together… I feel that discussing her interests and experimenting with several books at the beginning aided in her success. We worked together to find appropriate reading material and it paid off.”

- Quoted by University Graduate Student Tutor.


“It comes a happy morning when my tutor comes.”

- From a poem, by 3rd grade tutored child.


“I’ve decided to take her to a new school next year where she can get one-on-one help”.

- Parent of 3rd grade child after the 3rd grader had been successfully tutored for a semester by university Graduate Education student through the RITE Program.


"As a Bryan Hill 21st Century After-School teacher, I wanted to continue an endless learning chain that the day teacher had begun in his/her classroom, thus, I attended the RITE Reading Tutorial Professional Development Workshop at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. ..... Shortly after I received the training, I knew I could make a difference....Each student participating in the Blueprint showed gains on his/her MAP test. I feel using Blueprint for Reading Success contributed to students’ overall growth in reading, adding excitement and encouragement."

- Esther Marshall, Bryan Hill