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Dr. Cody Ding completed his Ph.D. in University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. He was trained as a psychologist with emphasis on developmental psychology, methodology, and measurement. Over years, he has been working as a professor at universities, teaching educational and psychological assessment, research designs, behavioral analysis, and other methodological related courses. In addition, he has been working with many school districts and the state educational agencies on various evaluation projects to improve student learning and school practices.

With expertise in quantitative research design, in particular experimental design and survey research, Dr. Ding focuses on multidimensional scaling, data visualization, and multilevel modeling. Psychometric expertise includes item response theory and multidimensional scaling applied to measurement and evaluation research. Dr. Ding has been actively involving in research on multidimensional scaling as latent growth model and cognitive measurement model in education and psychological assessment. His research interests include exploratory latent variable analysis via multidimensional scaling (MDS), applications of Item Response Theory (IRT) and Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) in studying psychosocial adaptation of adolescents and young adults. He is also interested in big data analysis within the context of evaluaion and assessment. 

Dr. Cody Ding has been conducting substantive research regarding the effects of social experiences, particularly negative ones, on cognition/attention, which may lead to psychological distress. The research also includes dynamic interaction between teaching and learning. The research is carried out based on data from questionnaire, behavioral experiments, and neuroscience studies. He has provided high-level consulting services to quantitative researchers in the social and behavioral sciences, including several evaluation grants that investigate the program effectiveness on student learning.