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Putting Future STEM Teachers on the Fast Track

We Teach MO is a joint initiative between the College of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences to help address the critical need for secondary science and math teachers in our region and beyond. The We Teach MO program offers introductory STEM education courses to students majoring in the sciences, mathematics, computer science, and other technical fields. The program also oversees the UMSL BEST Noyce Scholarship program for individuals who hold a degree in a STEM field and would like to obtain secondary teaching certification in science or math.

WE Teach MO

Who is this for?

  • Do you love science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)?
  • Inspired by the thought of teaching as a career?
  • Not sure you can either afford the cost or extra time needed for teacher certification?
  • An Undergraduate seeking a degree in a STEM related subject area?
  • An Graduate holding (or close to holding) an undergraduate degree in a STEM related subject area?

I'm interested in ...


Slide 1 We Teach MO STEM: Proven Quality and Innovation in STEM Education
We Teach MO STEM is based on the UTeach model which has a 15-year track record of developing, testing, implementing, assessing and revising curricula and strategies that have produced a highly effective STEM teacher education program.
Slide 2 First We Teach MO cohort begins, receives media attention
“I believe that my passion for biology will come across,” he told KSDK reporter Jason Aubry. “I believe that will translate to me being a good teacher.”
Slide 3 We Teach MO fast-tracks science, math majors into teacher certification
“We’re not just looking for more numbers,” he said. “We’re looking for better teachers who love seeing kids learn. We’re giving our STEM undergrads a free one-hour course where they learn from good teachers and then try it out.”

Bachelor of Educational Studies (BES)

Bachelor of Science in Education (BS Ed)

Certification + Masters

Graduate Certificate