COE: Teach Residency - Early Childhood Education
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Our Early Childhood candidates play together, learn together, and grow together while helping young children do the same.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants for any post-baccalaureate certification program must already hold a bachelor’s degree with a minimum 2.75 cum GPA.
  • Any teacher candidate aspiring to enter the Teach Residency accelerated path must first pass the Missouri Content Assessment (MoCA) appropriate to her or his area of certification.
  • Candidates who enter the Teach Residency pathway are required to hold a full time placement as teacher of record in an urban Missouri public or charter school.

Program Checklist

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Early Childhood Education Courses

Term Course Hours
Fall I TCH ED 5310 A: Instructional Design 2
TCH ED 6010 A/B: Examining History, Community, & Social Justice in Education 2
ED PSY 6030 A: Instruction, Learning & Assessment 1
ECH ED 6348: Understanding & Supporting Children's Math& Science Inquiry 2
Spring I ELE ED 6338: Literacy Assessment for Guided Instruction 3
ECH ED 6412: Foundations in Early Childhood Education 3
Summer I ECH ED 6415: Organization and Development of Early Childhood Programs 3
ED PSY 6222: Advanced Studies in Child and Adolescent Development 3
SPC ED 6325: Advanced Studies in Classroom and Behavior Management 3
Fall II ECH ED 5989 A/B: Practicum/Internship 2
ECH ED 6321: Parent and Community Resources 3
TCH ED 6565: Enriching Learning Through Multicultural Arts, Music, Physical Education & Health 1
Spring II ECH ED 6413: Educational Role Play 3
SPC ED 6412: Psychology of Exceptional Children 3
Summer II ELE ED 6337: Teaching & Learning Literacy in the Elementary Classroom: Teaching Reading & Writing 4
ECH ED 6535: Assessment, Curriculum & Research Based Practice Birth - Grade 3 2
ECH ED 6536: Early Childhood Pre-Primary Practicum 2
ED TECH 6135: Tech for Preparing Inquiry-Based Teaching 1
For Master's Degree* ED PSY 6030 B/C: Designing Robust Units 2
TCH ED 6010C: Examining History, Community & Social Justice in Education 1
TCH ED 6909: Teacher Action Research I 3
TCH ED 6910: Teacher Action Research Capstone 3
Certification Only:
Certification and Master's Degree:

Why Choose Teach Residency?

  • Convenient, fast, affordable
  • Teach while earning certification
  • Two year provisional certification up front
  • Interactive course design geared toward practicing teachers in the field

Unique Innovations

  • Option of embedded MEd in the certification track, resulting in one additional semester of coursework
  • Residence teachers experience ongoing support and success coaching from UMSL faculty throughout the program
  • Residence teachers are placed in a cohort, increasing their chance for successful completion

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