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Ellen Duncan

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The Minor in Counseling and Human Services requires 15 credits hours, including counseling core classes.

Students must earn a minimum grade of C- in each course in the minor and attain a 2.0 grade point average for all courses in the minor. All courses in the minor must be on a graded basis. A minimum of 9 credit hours included in the minor must be taken in residence at UMSL.

Required Courses
CNS ED 2000Introduction to the Helping Professions3
CNS ED 2030Cultural Diversity and Social Advocacy3
CNS ED 3200Interpersonal Skills in Helping Relationships3
Choose two of the following:
College of Education
EDUC 2002
Social Entrepreneurship
ED PSY 2212
Child and Adolescent Development
SPEC ED 3318
Inclusive Classrooms
Child Advocacy Studies
CAST 2100
Communication in Child Advocacy
CAST 2300
Ethics and Values in Child Advocacy
CAST 3650
Culture and Child Advocacy
CAST 4498
Forensic Investigation of Child Abuse
CAST 4598
Child Abuse Assessment and Intervention
Gender Studies
GS 2102
Introduction To Gender Studies
Psychological Sciences
PSYCH 2205
Human Sexuality: Psychological Perspectives
PSYCH 2230
Psychology of Gender
PSYCH 2245
Psychological Disorders
Psychology of Trauma
Psychology of Death and Dying
PSYCH 3340
Clinical Issues of Childhood
PSYCH 4250
Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination
Mental Health and Aging
Social Work
SOC WK 2000
Social Work and Social Issues
SOC WK 2200
Social Welfare as a Social Institution
SOC WK 3100
Social Work Practice with Individuals
SOC WK 3210
Social Issues and Social Policy Development
SOC WK 3510
Human Behavior in the Social Environment
Child Maltreatment: A Multidisciplinary Approach
SOC WK 4610
Intimate Partner Violence
Total Hours15