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New Social Justice Graduate Certificate

The College of Education Certificate in Social Justice is organized to support the understanding, knowledge and skills needed to create a just and equitable society. The curriculum focuses on both institutional and personal processes, values, attitudes and behaviors that sustain injustice while encouraging the development of positive educational, familial, community-centric, and social group advocacy and action. Coursework for the certificate responds to these issues across our college offerings, from educational psychology to educator and counselor preparation to educational leadership. Indeed, this social justice focus can, in many circumstances, become the core of your graduate degree program.

The Graduate Certificate in Social Justice is an 12 credit hour program. To earn a certificate, one must a) take 3 hours in the Foundations course, b) complete 9 hours in the Elective Choice sequence, and as a capstone c) submit during the final semester of the program, for review by a faculty panel, an artifact/assignment from a Certificate course together with a written reflection that articulates in what ways it represents learning to become more culturally competent and socially just.

Graduate Certificate

Program Director:

Thomasina F. Hassler, PhD

211 Marillac Hall (MH)
p: (314) 516-5941


Slide 1 UMSL’s Crooked Room Conference provides platform for scholarship, art, activism, healing
The Crooked Room Conference at UMSL was a one-day, open-to-the-public, free event centered around exploring and improving the educational experiences of young black women and girls.

The Graduate Certificate in Social Justice is a 12 credit hour program. The following courses are required:

EDUC 6408Graduate Seminar 13
EDUC 6408Graduate Seminar 23
ED FND 6200Demographic Contexts of Education3
ED FND 6431History of African American Education3
Total Hours12

Topic must be Race, Trauma, and Education


Topic must be Intersectional Justice in Education

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Thomasina F. Hassler, Ph.D.
Assistant Teaching Professor