COE: EdD: Inquiry in Curriculum and Teaching and Learning
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A partnership between the University of Missouri-St. Louis and Shenyang Normal University designed for Chinese students

Inquiry Practice in Curriculum and Teaching and Learning Ed.D. Learning Community is a partnership between the College of Education at UMSL and the School of Education at Shenyang Normal University (SYNU). Students explore the history, theory, and practice of curriculum in the U.S. and in selective comparative contexts. Chinese teachers and other educational professionals seeking to learn about American education and advance their careers in the areas of curriculum, teaching, and learning will find this a valuable international program. In a collaborative learning community, Chinese students spend the first year working with a faculty mentor team at SYNU. They spend the next two years of their program at UMSL, completing their coursework and conducting research for their dissertations. Faculty mentor teams from both UMSL and SYNU serve as advisors. Students apply to the program through SYNU and are admitted into to the Ed.D. program at UMSL, which grants the degree.

Doctor of Education, Educational Practice (EdD)


 Students seeking the Ed.D. degree are expected to meet the Graduate School’s relevant practitioner doctoral degree requirements and procedures.

Degree requirements

1. Learning Community of Practice Seminars15-20
EDUC 7600
Learning Community of Practice I
EDUC 7610
Learning Community of Practice II
EDUC 7620
Learning Community of Practice III
EDUC 7630
Learning Community of Practice IV
EDUC 7640
Learning Community of Practice V
EDUC 7650
Learning Community of Practice VI
2. Laboratory of Practice
EDUC 7889Laboratory of Practice3
3. Required Common Courses
EDUC 7215Data Analysis for Educational Practitioners3
EDUC 7395Research and Technical Writing for Educational Practitioners2
EDUC 7615
EDUC 7625Building Socially Just and Ethical Educational Communities3
EDUC 7710Research Methods and Design for Educational Practitioners 3
ED REM 7781Qualitative Methods in Educational Research I3
4. Tools Courses
EDUC 7310Integrating Technology in Learning for Educational1
EDUC 7325Grant Writing for Educational Practitioners1
5. Specialization30-60
Courses in an area of specialization (can include Master’s or Education Specialist work)
6. Dissertation in Practice
EDUC 7998Dissertation in Practice Research8

 Total: minimum 80 hours, post-bacclaureate

Slide 1 2018 Opening Ceremony
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Yanjie Chi, Ph.D.
SYNU Professor

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Theresa Coble, Ph.D.
E. Desmond Lee Endowed Professor of Experiential and Family Education

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Deyong Hao, Ph.D.
SYNU Professor and Headmaster

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William C. Kyle, Jr., Ph.D.
E. Desmond Lee Family Professor of Science Education

Bill Kyle is the E. Desmond Lee Family Professor of Science Education. He received a BS in Biology from LeMoyne College (Syracuse, NY) and a MS and PhD in Science Education from The University of Iowa. Prior to joining the UM-St. Louis faculty in 1996, Professor Kyle taught middle and high school science in New York and Iowa and between 1982 and 19...
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Wei Lu, Ph.D.
SYNU Professor

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Ellen E. Meadows, Ed.D.
Director of Advising

Ellen Meadows is the Recruitung and Retention Coordinator for the College of Education in the Office of Advising and Student Services (OASIS), managing graduate teacher certification and other graduate programs for the College of Education, UMSL.
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Weimin Tang, Ph.D.
SYNU Professor

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Fengyu Wang, Ph.D.
SYNU Professor

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Ye Zhang, Ph.D.
SYNU Professor

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Jun Zhang, Ph.D.
SYNU Professor

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Runzhi Zhou, Ph.D.
SYNU Professor