COE: EdD: College Access/Career Readiness & Student Support Services in Higher Ed
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This cohort will begin in Fall of 2024.

Impact the Future of College Access and Student Services

The College Access/Career Readiness and Student Support Services in Higher Education Learning Community is a distance learning program [100% online] that is committed to student immersion in high-impact educational practice. We will explore systems thinking, strategic planning, leadership, collaboration strategies and more to understand the intersectionality among these components and their impact on sense-making within educational institutions. These efforts contribute to the development of philosophical ideologies that shape organizational identity, culture and institutional priorities. Deepening our understanding of the interaction among such organizational efforts will inform our work as we contemplate the philosophical underpinnings that serve as the foundation for the student services profession and promoting student success in educational institutions.

We will specifically explore how organizational ideologies, institutional priorities and culture impact college access and student services in K-12 and postsecondary institutions. Holistic student support and promoting student success is at the core of the mission of all educational institutions. A unique and dynamic synergism will be operationalized if all educational systems are aligned to support the work and collaboration of practitioner professionals across all educational systems who advocate for student support and success.

There will be a targeted emphasis on an interconnected systems approach relative to K-12 and postsecondary educational systems and academic and student affairs professionals, as well as pre-collegiate preparation, student support services and college access/transition, equity and affordability. If you are a Practitioner-Leader who would like to enhance your career as an educational professional to solve organizational issues that impact student success and the student services professional, you have arrived!

Who should apply?

  • Current and aspiring practitioners who are interested in a staff position, middle-level management or an executive role in 2- and 4- year colleges and universities and/or have an interest in college access; and
  • K-12 practitioners interested in pre-collegiate preparation and college access for K-12 students who will pursue postsecondary education attainment

NOTE: Administrative certification is not affiliated with this program.

Doctor of Education, Educational Practice (EdD)

Student Support Specialist:

Alexandra Gresick

203 Education Administration Building (EAB)
p: (314) 516-5107


 Students seeking the Ed.D. degree are expected to meet the Graduate School’s relevant practitioner doctoral degree requirements and procedures.

Degree requirements

1. Learning Community of Practice Seminars15-20
EDUC 7600
Learning Community of Practice I
EDUC 7610
Learning Community of Practice II
EDUC 7620
Learning Community of Practice III
EDUC 7630
Learning Community of Practice IV
EDUC 7640
Learning Community of Practice V
EDUC 7650
Learning Community of Practice VI
2. Laboratory of Practice
EDUC 7889Laboratory of Practice3
3. Required Common Courses
EDUC 7215Data Analysis for Educational Practitioners3
EDUC 7395Research and Technical Writing for Educational Practitioners2
EDUC 7615
EDUC 7625Building Socially Just and Ethical Educational Communities3
EDUC 7710Research Methods and Design for Educational Practitioners 3
ED REM 7781Qualitative Methods in Educational Research I3
4. Tools Courses
EDUC 7310Integrating Technology in Learning for Educational1
EDUC 7325Grant Writing for Educational Practitioners1
5. Specialization30-60
Courses in an area of specialization (can include Master’s or Education Specialist work)
6. Dissertation in Practice
EDUC 7998Dissertation in Practice Research8

 Total: minimum 80 hours, post-bacclaureate

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Shawn Woodhouse, Ph.D.
Associate Dean

Shawn Woodhouse is an Assistant Professor of Higher Education Administration in the Division of Educational Leadership & Policy Studies for the College of Education at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. A Gus T. Ridgel Fellow, Dr. Woodhouse completed her Ph.D. at the University of Missouri-Columbia in Higher and Adult Education.