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Promoting Healthy and Physically Active Children and Youth

The purpose of the program in Health and Physical Education is to prepare future and practicing teachers with the knowledge and skills necessary to teach Physical Education in the schools. From a base of scientific knowledge relating to human movement, bodily adaptations to exercise and activity, and the psychological processes of learning skills and developing lifestyle behaviors, the program emphasizes the development of professional skills in the teaching/learning processes that lead to the promotion of healthful and physically active lifestyles in children and youth.

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Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP)

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Bachelor of Science in Education (BS Ed)

Contact Advisor:

ShaQuina White

143 South Campus Classroom Building (SCCB)
p: (314) 516-5911


Slide 1 State Teacher of the Year Darrion Cockrell makes fitness fun for everyone
The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education named Darrion Cockrell the 2021 Missouri Teacher of the Year. Cockrell, a physical education teacher at Crestwood Elementary School, has forged strong bonds with students, staff and parents while overhauling the school’s fitness program. (Photo by August Jennewein)

Degree Requirements

B.S.Ed. degree candidates must complete the following General Education courses required by the College of Education and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

General Education and University Requirements:

First Year Writing
ENGL 1100
First-Year Writing (MOTR ENGL 200)
or HIST 1111
Reacting to the Past
Math Proficiency (requirement varies by program)
MATH 1030
College Algebra (MOTR MATH 130)
or MATH 1020
Contemporary Mathematics (MOTR MATH 120)
or MATH 1021
Choice and Chance
or MATH 1025
Geometry in the Real World
or MATH 1045
PreCalculus (MOTR MATH 150)
Communication Proficiency
EDUC 2222
Interpretation: Connecting Audiences and Meaning
or COMM 1040
Introduction to Public Speaking (MOTR COMM 110)
Information Literacy
ED TECH 2230
Information Literacy
American History or Government
HIST 1001
American Civilization to 1865 (MOTR HIST 101)
or HIST 1002
American Civilization 1865 to Present (MOTR HIST 102)
Humanities and Fine Arts
Three courses from two of the following fields: art, foreign language, music (excluding applied music), philosophy, theater, dance, and literature.
Social Science
ED PSY 2212
Child and Adolescent Development
POL SCI 1100
Introduction to American Politics (MOTR POSC 101)
One additional 1000-2000 level course in Social Science Explore Area
Math and Life/Natural Sciences
BIOL 1012
General Biology: The Science of Life (MOTR BIOL 100)
How Things Work (MOTR PHYS 100)
One additional 1000-2000 level course in Math and Life/Natural Sciences Explore Area
ENGL 3100
Junior-Level Writing

Program Requirements

Beginning with those students graduating in May, 2017 and receiving teacher certification, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education requires a 3.0 GPA in professional education courses, a 3.0 GPA in the teaching content field, and a 2.75 overall GPA.

Professional Education courses must be completed with a grade of C or better (a grade of C- or below is unacceptable).

Students must pass the required DESE certification assessments to receive the B.S.Ed. degree.

B.S.Ed. and B.A. degrees with certification candidates must complete the following:

Introduction to Education
TCH ED 1000Building Community, Culture, and Learning in Education1
TCH ED 1001Early Clinical Experience: Community Agency1
Level l: Exploring Education as a Profession
TCH ED 2000Becoming a Professional Educator1
TCH ED 2001Early Clinical Experience: Schools1
TCH ED 2209Foundations of Teaching in American Schools2
HLTH PE 3277Foundations of Health and Physical Education Programs3
HLTH PE 3280Human Anatomy and Physiology4
Level ll: Analyzing the Nature and Process of Education
ED PSY 3312Psychology of Learning, Instruction, and Assessment3
ED TECH 3135Technology for Educators1
SPEC ED 3318Inclusive Classrooms3
TCH ED 3001Mid-Level Clinical Experience: Diverse Learners1
TCH ED 3310Introduction to Methods of Teaching3
TCH ED 4391Literacy for Adolescent Learners in Content Areas3
HLTH PE 3275Psychological Aspects of Physical Education3
HLTH PE 3284Physiology of Human Exercise3
HLTH PE 3285Safety and Emergency Care for Health and Physical Education3
HLTH PE 3380Introduction to Nutrition for Health and Performance3
PHY ED 2134Personal Physical Fitness3
PHY ED 3267Performance Analysis in Physical Education3
PHY ED 3282Physical Growth and Motor Development3
PHY ED 3283Kinesiology3
9 hours can be taken concurrently with Level lll courses:
HLTH PE 3434Teaching of Health and Wellness4
PHY ED 3261Physical Activity for Diverse Learners3
PHY ED 3468Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Physical Education3
Level lll: Synthesizing Theory and Practice in Education
The following Health and Physical Education courses are required:
PHY ED 3422Teaching of Skills: Grades Pk-44
PHY ED 3423Teaching of Skills: Grades 5-93
PHY ED 3424Teaching of Skills: Grades 9-123
PHY ED 3425Teaching Skills: Movement, Dance, and Rhythms3
HLTH PE 4989Practicum I: Site-Based Experience in Physical Education3
HLTH PE 4990Practicum II: 12-Week Site-Based Experience in Health and Physical Education9
HLTH PE 4992Practicum II: 4-Week Site-Based Experience in Health and Physical Education3
Total Hours89

Minimum 124 hours

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Timothy Makubuya, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

DESE Physical Education (Grades K-12) Certification
The College of Education will recommend you to the Missouri Department of Elementary/Secondary Education for teacher certification in Physical Education K-12 at the completion of this program if you have met all state requirements. To ensure that you have met all state requirements, please contact your advisor.