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The Middle School program is a small, personalized program that serves students who wish to teach middle school or junior high school students. It is a hybrid program, combining the child centered philosophy of elementary certification with a content specialization more typical of secondary certification. Middle school majors earn certification in one or more content areas for grades 5-9. They may be certified to teach math, science, communication arts, or social studies. Middle school majors explore the unique challenges and rewards of teaching students aged 10-14 and gain real world experience through internships and practicums at area schools. Students progress through the program in small cohorts supervised by professors with extensive middle school experience. UMSL’s middle school program is highly regarded in the surrounding educational community and, due to the limited number of students choosing this major, employment prospects are good.

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Bachelor of Science in Education (BS Ed)

Contact Advisor:

Susan Bateman

p: (314) 516-5482

This area of specialization in elementary education prepares students to teach in grades 5-9.

University General Education and Graduation Requirements

B.S. Ed. degree candidates must complete the following General Education Requirements and Graduation Requirements of the University as outlined in this Bulletin.

The courses listed below fulfill general education requirements and best prepare students for advanced education coursework and licensure exams.
First Year Writing
ENGL 1100First-Year Writing (MOTR ENGL 200)3
Math Proficiency
MATH 1020Contemporary Mathematics (MOTR MATH 120)3
or MATH 1030 College Algebra (MOTR MATH 130)
Communication Proficiency
EDUC 2222Interpretation: Connecting Audiences and Meaning3
or COMM 1040 Introduction to Public Speaking (MOTR COMM 110)
Information Literacy
ED TECH 2230Information Literacy3
American History and Government
POL SCI 1100Introduction to American Politics (MOTR POSC 101)3
or HIST 1001 American Civilization to 1865 (MOTR HIST 101)
Humanities and Fine Arts
Choose any 9 hours from at least two approved fields.9
Social Sciences
Choose any 9 hours from at least two approved fields. At least one course must meet the cultural diversity requirement.9
Math and Life/Natural Sciences
Choose any 9 hours from at least two approved fields.9
Junior-Level Writing
ENGL 3100Junior-Level Writing3
Total Hours45

Program Requirements

All students in the B.S.Ed. in Elementary Education, Middle School program are required to take the following Teacher Education courses.  Each student must also select a content area and complete the required courses and certification assessments as specified by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Note for all emphasis areas:

Professional Education courses must be completed with a grade of C or better (a grade of C- or below must be retaken).

Beginning with those students graduating in May 2017 and receiving teacher certification, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education requires a 3.0 GPA in professional education courses, a 3.0 GPA in the teaching content field, and a 2.75 overall GPA.

Students must pass all required DESE certification assessments to receive the B.S.Ed. degree.

Preparing for Teacher Education
The following courses must be completed prior to applying for admission to the Teacher Education Program:
TCH ED 1000Building Community, Culture, and Learning in Education1
TCH ED 1001Early Clinical Experience: Community Agency1
TCH ED 2000Becoming a Professional Educator1
TCH ED 2001Early Clinical Experience: Schools1
TCH ED 2209Foundations of Teaching in American Schools2
ED PSY 2212Child and Adolescent Development3
Teacher Education Program
The following courses are completed after acceptance into the Teacher Education Program:
TCH ED 3001Mid-Level Clinical Experience: Diverse Learners1
TCH ED 3212Sociolinguistics and Communication in the Classroom3
ED PSY 3312Psychology of Learning, Instruction, and Assessment3
SPEC ED 3318Inclusive Classrooms3
SPEC ED 4323Classroom Management and Positive Behavioral Supports in Inclusive Educational Settings3
TCH ED 3310Introduction to Methods of Teaching3
MID ED 4315The Middle Level School3
TCH ED 4391Literacy for Adolescent Learners in Content Areas3
SEC ED 4880Writing for Teachers3
In addition to the above courses, students must complete a minimum of 24 credit hours in one specific content area, as well as the appropriate methods course:
MID ED or SEC ED 4XXX: Methods Course in Certification Area3
The program will culminate in the following practicum courses:
MID ED 4989Practicum I: Middle Level Education Site-Based Experience3
MID ED 4990Practicum II: Middle Level Education Site-Based Experience12

Total: minimum 122 hours

DESE Middle School Science (Grades 5-9) Certification
The College of Education will recommend you to the Missouri Department of Elementary/Secondary Education for teacher certification in Science 5-9 at the completion of this program if you have met all state requirements. To ensure that you have met all state requirements, please contact your advisor.