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UMSL College of Education has a new Elementary Education Program that provides the choice of adding the state-certified P-12 endorsement in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) starting in Fall 2013. The number of immigrants and refugees has been increasing in the St. Louis areas, and the classrooms are having more English language learners (ELLs). The six-course TESOL program will help practicing teachers and teachers-to-be increase their competence and confidence in integrating the four language modalities into their academic teaching for the ELLs. The six TESOL courses cover general linguistics, second/foreign language acquisition principles, cross-cultural communication theories and practices, assessments with coping strategies, developing and implementing instructional materials with reflection.

The instructional design for each TESOL course includes the three stages:

  1. exploring students’ backgrounds and having desired results with the assessment strategies,
  2. enacting with or presenting the interactive activities with the explicit language targets, and
  3. expanding inquiry with guided reflection.

The teachers-to-be will be very competitive at the job markets due to the increasing needs of having knowledge, skills and disposition, not only for the ELLs, but for other linguistically diverse students. Teachers with these P-12 TESOL endorsement will also have opportunity to work as ELL specialists as well as classroom teachers.

Bachelor of Science in Education (BS Ed)

Contact Advisor:

Tonna Wilson

116 South Campus Classroom Building (SCCB)
p: (314) 516-5482

DESE Elementary (Grades 1-6) Certification
The College of Education will recommend you to the Missouri Department of Elementary/Secondary Education for teacher certification in Elementary 1-6 at the completion of this program if you have met all state requirements. To ensure that you have met all state requirements, please contact your advisor.
DESE English for Speakers of Other Languages (Grades K-12) Certification
Elementary Education students who have obtained their initial certification can add the TESOL endorsement by passing the appropriate content area exam. The candidate contacts the Department of Elementary/Secondary to add this endorsement.