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Kim H. Song, Associate Professor at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, received her Ed.D in Instructional Processes from Southern Illinois University –Edwardsville in 1991. Her main research interests include standards-based assessment, reflective teaching practice, culturally-relevant instruction, and a backward teaching and learning cycle. One of her current research projects is documenting the dual language development of young refugee children in pre-K classroom setting in an elementary school, where 90 percent  of the student body is English language learners.  This research agenda is a longitudinal study that includes from language acquisition intervention in preschools, the Kindergarten student screening that the parents are involved, to the first grade academic achievement.  Within this study, she is examining how these refugee children who were born in this country could develop the dual languages with the proper intervention including good teaching and learning models.  This research is funded by a newly awarded grant, Quality Teachers for English Learners, in which she is a principal investigator.  This two million dollar Department of Education grant is sponsored by Office of English Language Acquisition of National Professional Development  for five years ( Kim has published more than 20 articles, and the recent articles were published in International Journal of Social Education, Education and Urban Society,  and  Journal of Inservice Education.  Kim has provided professional development workshops to the content and English teachers nationally and internationally.  The recent presentation as a plenary speaker  was for International ELT Conference held in Muscat, Oman.  The paper she presented in that conference was “Hybrid pedagogical frameworks for teaching English as an international language”.  In this paper, she incorporated the sheltered instruction and the 4 step teaching and learning cycle into the cognitive coaching procedure and reflective teaching practice.

Kim is particularly interested in dual language acquisition of young children, teachers’ cultural competence, children’s academic language acquisition, efficacy of online courses and language teacher training.  With the DOE QTEL grant team, she has developed a TESOL module for the teacher education faculty and students, and the grant research team has several collaborative research agenda that includes cultural intelligence of the elementary content teachers, nonnative English speaking teachers in America, teachers’ attitude toward English language learners (ELL), improving academic content competence of  ELL.  Kim as a research team leader has used qualitative and qualitative research methods to proceed the research agenda. The research data includes surveys, Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) data, audio/video data and follow-up interviews with grant participating teachers, selected parents and ELLs. A key question in this project will be whether and how the 6 TESOL courses and professional development workshops have impact on teachers’ content pedagogy and instructional strategies for their ELL. 
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Education and Experience
Professor Song received a B.A. from Sogang University in Seoul, South Korea with majors in English literature and Language. She taught English language arts and social studies in a middle school in Korea for five years. She had her M.A in Linguistics and English as a Foreign Language (EFL) from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and went back to Korea and taught EFL at Daejeon College for a year. She had her Ed.D in Instructional Process at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. She was a director of English Language Institute at McKendree College in Lebanon, Illinois for three years. She was an assistant professor in Teacher Education Program at Harris-Stowe State College for six years before she joined UM-St. Louis. She is a board member of the Missouri Council for Social Studies (MCSS) and the Center for Human Origins and Cultural Diversity (CHOCD). She is a Center Fellow of International Studies at UM-St. Louis. Professor Song is a member of the National Council for Social Studies, Missouri Council for Social Studies, the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE), the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, and the American Educational Research Association.

Teaching and Research
I routinely teach social studies methods courses for elementary and middle school majors, and occasionally teach an introduction to instructional methods course. I redesign my courses every semester with the goal of teaching more effectively with hands-on activities. A current challenge is to integrate the social studies curriculum into the other disciplinary areas such as reading, mathematics, and science. The self-regulated learning is my goal for the students to achieve through structured reflection and evidence-based teaching and learning. 

I have made numerous presentations in National and International Conferences. Major focus of my research includes  backward assessment, urban education, teacher’s belief, reflective practice, multicultural education, service learning and education in Korea.

Representative Presentations and Publications

Paper Presentations

Hoewisch, A., Song, K., & Ozturgut, O. (2006). Children and teachers in an urban elementary school use photography to learn about themselves, others, and their community. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Education Research Association, San Francisco, April 6-11.

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