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Dr. Rogers is an educational researcher who specializes in literacy studies, teacher learning, and critical discourse studies.  Her research focuses on the socio-political contexts of literacy education and situates critical discourse studies within an ethnographic tradition. She has published 7 books and over 75 articles and chapters in national and international journals including: Reading Research Quarterly, Linguistics & Education, Critical Discourse Studies, the Journal of Literacy Research, Review of Research in Education, Race, Ethnicity and Education, Teaching Education, Anthropology & Education Quarterly, and The Journal of Early Childhood Literacy. Her research has been translated and published in Spanish. 

Rogers teaches courses in literacy education and research methods and directs the Burnett Literacy Clinic. With colleagues, she initiated a school-based literacy clinic to prepare pre-service teachers and co-led a grant-funded project focused on the online preparation of literacy teachers. She and Dr. Elias are collaborating on an innovative cohort program to prepare literacy specalists in SLPS. She is frequently sought-out to advise dissertations.

Dr. Rogers' books include: Designing Critical Literacy Education through Critical Discourse Analysis: Pedagogical and Research Tools for Teacher Researchers (with M. Mosley Wetzel; Routledge, 2013); An Introduction to Critical Discourse Analysis in Education (second edition; Routledge, 2011); Designing Socially Just Learning Communities: Designing Critical Literacy Education across the Lifespan (Routledge, 2009); Critical Literacy/Critical Teaching (with C. Dozier & P. Johnston; Teachers College Press, 2005), Adult Education Teachers Designing Critical Literacy Practices (with M.A. Kramer, Routledge, 2008). Her first book, A Critical Discourse Analysis of Family Literacy Practices (Erlbaum, 2003), was awarded the Ed Fry Book Award for outstanding contributions to literacy studies. Her new book (2018, Routledge) "Reclaiming Powerful Literacy Practices: New Horizons for Critical Discourse Analysis" provides an expanded critical discourse analysis framework -- one that centralizes generative and powerful approaches to educational practices and is attentive to multimodlity and learning.

Dr. Rogers is a Past-President of the Literacy Research Association (LRA), a 1,500 member organization (2013-2018). She recently finished her term as President (2016-2017), Program Chair and President-elect (2015-2016). As Program Char she convened a conference program called "Mobilizing Literacy Research for Social Transformation." She served as the Membership and Elections Chair of the National Council of Research on Language and Literacy (NCRLL) (2006-2009). She was also a member of the elected school board of St. Louis Public Schools (2009-2013).

Rogers' scholarship is internationally recognized. She is a Fulbright Scholar of Critical Discourse Studies and taught at the Universidad de San Martin, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has received numerous awards and served on many Editorial Boards.

Dr. Rogers is committed to contributing to the community. She is a member of a grassroots, community-based teacher/researcher organization (Educators for Social Justice). This group is an innovative social design experiment (Gutíerrez & Vossoughi, 2000) which seeks to build and study networks for social justice education. Rooted in praxis, the alternative sites of learning created by ESJ offers educators and activists an opportunity to practice social justice education within a network of practitioners committed to educational equity (Rogers, Mosley Wetzel & Kramer & LSJTRG, 2009).