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Department of Educator Preparation, Innovation and Research

Judith Cochran serves as Endowed Professor in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and the Director of the E. Desmond Lee Regional Institute of Tutorial Education (RITE), a collaborative of six universities, Jennings, St. Louis Public and Normandy School Districts and ten youth agencies. Before her selection as an E. Desmond Lee Endowed Professor, Dr. Cochran was the Director of Teacher Education at Wright State University, Assistant Dean of Students at Arizona State University and a Senior Fulbright Lecturer in Egypt and Turkey. Her recognition as a teacher, administrator and researcher in urban and international education are the basis of her invitations to be a Visiting Scholar and Faculty Research Associate in Colleges of Education and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Arizona, the University of Texas and as a member of the Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Culture Scholars. Her recent publications on the Middle East include “Political-Religious Leaders: Cross National Integration of Faiths and Policy in the Middle East,” Educational Roots of Political Crisis in Egypt, “Disillusionment with Higher Education in the Middle East and the United States,””Leadership in the Middle East: The Story of Women in Lebanon,””External and Internal Partnerships in Israeli Education,” and   Democracy in the Middle East: The Impact of Religion and Education.

Dr. Cochran teaches education courses in literacy, administration, curriculum and “Women Worldwide.” This distance education course has been offered since 2011 in the College of Education and the College of Liberal Arts and Science taught in collaboration with Dr. Eunsoon Oh of Kungju University in Deujeun, South Korea and Dr. Tatiana Golikova of  Mari State University in Yoshkar-Ola Russia. Dr. Oh and Dr. Cochran published Elementary Teaching Methods and  “ A Case Study of Teacher Learning Through Distance Education: Teaching Cultural Diversity Between Faculties and Students” and presented at the Pacific Rim Conference of Early Childhood Education. Dr. Golikova and Dr. Cochran have presented “The Educational Potential of Online Course  ‘ Women Worldwide’ for American and Russian Students” at the Russian Conference for Teachers of English and the International Conference of the Fulbright Association. In 2012, Dr. Cochran has been a keynote presenter at the International Conference on Democratic Governance; Challenges in Africa and Asia and selected as one of four St. Louis women to receive the Female Groundbreakers Award at St. Louis Community College - Florissant Valley.

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(314) 516-7302


206 Marillac Hall



Judith A. Cochran, Ph.D.

E. Desmond Lee Endowed Professor of Tutorial Education

Director, Regional Institute of Tutorial Education

(314) 516-7302 (office)    (314) 516-5348 (fax) (e-mail)


The E. Desmond Lee Regional Institute is a collaborative of ten youth agencies and six universities providing academic and social support to underserved urban youth.








Arizona State University

Dissertation: “A Preventative Drop-out Program for Low-Income Minority Freshmen”

Secondary Education/Reading/ESL


University of California, Los Angeles



University of Colorado, Boulder

English/Speech/Radio and TV


Selected Academic Experience


Current Position


University of Missouri-St. Louis



Endowed Professor/Director,

E. Desmond Lee Regional Institute of Tutorial Education


Selected Professional Memberships




Fulbright Association

Board of Directors; Lifetime member


Literacy Roundtable

Board of Directors


Selected Professional Awards           

Title of Award

Granting Association


Outstanding Woman in St. Louis

St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley

February 2012

Champion Community Partner

AmeriCorps–St. Louis

May 2011

Appointment: Women Scholars in Middle East and Islamic World

Visiting Scholar

Middle East Studies Association


University of Texas




Faculty Research Associate &

Visiting Scholar

Center for Middle Eastern Studies at

University of Arizona

1984-1995 & 2005/2006

U.S./China Technological Exchange

U.S. Technological Exchange Commission

Summer 1983

Fulbright Senior Lectureship

USAID/Department of State

Summer 1983

Who's Who in South & Southwest

Who's Who


Fulbright Senior Lectureship

USAID/Department of State


Printed Scholarship 


2012: Cochran, J. Education in Egypt. London: Croom Helm, 1986; reissued by Routledge.

2011: ---, Democracy in the Middle East: The Impact of Religion and Education. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

2008: ---, Educational Roots of Political Crisis in Egypt, New York: Rowman and Littlefield (U.S. publisher); Cairo, Egypt: American University in Cairo Press (Middle East and European publisher).

1992: ---, Reading in the Content Areas for Junior High and High School. Needham, MA: Allyn and Bacon.

1986: ---, Speed Reading, Study, and Survival Skills for College. Dallas, TX: Laric Press.

1983: ---, English Reading, Writing, Speaking. I, II, III, IV. Cairo, Egypt: American University Press.

Selected Chapters and Articles in Books (of 16 total)

2013 (Forthcoming): Cochran, J., “Who are the Wealthy Americans?” in book on wealth, edited by Han Dong-chul. Seoul, S. Korea: Korean Academy of Affluent Studies (KAAS).

2008: ---, “A New Paradigm for Curriculum beyond ADDIE,” Adult Education Curriculum Around the World, New York, Krieger Press.

2006, March: --- with E. Oh, Play Therapy for Family Discord: Managing Early Childhood Education. Seoul, S. Korea: Kungju Press.

2006, Summer: ---, “Reactions to Western Educational Practice: Adult Education in Egypt,” in Adult Education Around the World. New York: Krieger Publications. Chinese edition, edited by Kathleen P. King and Victor C. X. Wang, Comparative Adult Education Around the Globe: International Portraits and Readings of the History, Practice, Philosophy, and Theories of Adult Learning. Hangzhou, China: Zhejiang University Press, 2007. 

Selected Journal Articles (of 28 total)

2011, November: Cochran, J., “Disillusionment with Higher Education in the Middle East and U.S.,” Forum on Public Policy, Vol. 2011, no. 3.

2010, December: ---, “External and Internal Partnerships in Israeli Education,” Viewpoints Special Edition: “Higher Education and the Middle East: Building Institutional Partnerships” (Washington, DC: The Middle East Institute),

2010, October: ---, with Mona Nabhani, Rima Bahous, and Rewa Zeinati, “Leadership in the Middle East: The Story of Women in Lebanon,” Viewpoints Special Edition: “Higher Education and the Middle East: Empowering Under-served and Vulnerable Populations” (Washington, DC: The Middle East Institute),

2008, Winter: ---, “Partnerships among Universities, Public Schools, and Community Agencies,” Journal of Community Education, Vol. XXV, pp. 73-88.

2005, Winter: ---, “Leadership Pathways to Peace in Adult Education in Palestine and Israel,” Convergence: International Journal of Adult Education. Vol. XXXVIII, pp. 57-78.

2004, December: ---, “Adult Education in Palestine and Israel,” Proceedings of International Association of Adult Educators.

2001, April: ---, “Teaching Middle School Students to Fail,” Journal of Education & Community Relations, Vol. 1.

1998: ---, with M. Gifford, “High Touch, High Tech Teaching,” Missouri Reader 23, (1), 7-9.

1997: ---, “Cross Cultural Education: An Egyptian Case Study,” Convergence, 30, 4.

1997, Summer: ---, “Raising the Academic Achievement of Single Parent Children,” Journal of Education and Community Relations. Vol. 2.

1997: ---, “Confidentiality and University Collaboration: Keys to a Successful Entry Year Mentoring Program” National Forum of Applied Educational Research.

1997, Spring: ---, “Education, the John Goodlad Way,” AAUCRO Journal, 14.

1992: ---, “Western Higher Education and Identity Conflict: The Egyptian Female Professional,” Convergence, 25,66-75.

1989-90: ---, “Rural Education in the U.S. and Egypt,” Rural Educator, II, 3-5.

1987: ---, “A Perspective on the Transfer of Western Technology on Higher Education in Egypt,” World Educator, 3,5-8.

1986: ---, “Technical Education in Egypt,” Middle East Education & Training, 12, 29.

1982: ---, with W. Ebied and M. Mofti, “Teaching Competencies That Affect Primary Schools’ Effectiveness,” Journal of Education (Ministry of Education, Cairo, Egypt).

1981: ---, with A. Ghaffar, W. Ebied, and M. Mofti, “Training Assessment for Elementary Teachers,” Journal of Education (Ministry of Education, Cairo, Egypt).

1980, March: ---, “What Women Administrators Must Do to Get Promoted in Student Personnel,” Eric Clearinghouse on Educational Management, 5,22.

1980, March: ---, “When the Principal is a Woman,” Eric Clearinghouse on Educational Management, 5,42-43.

Single-author publications in:

Reading Improvement

Journal of the National Association of Women Deans, Counselors and Administrators

American Association of College Registrars and Admission Officials Journal

Journal of the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators

Texas School Board Journal

Texas Association of Junior College Instructors and Administrators

Seven Book Reviews, including:

2013 (Forthcoming): Cochran, J., Review of The Caliph’s Sister, by Zaidan, Digest of Middle East Studies (DOMES), Published by Wiley-Blackwell and Policy Studies Organization (PSO).

Ten Computer Software and Media Reviews in Journal of Reading

Published Poems

1998: Cochran, J., “Poker Alice.” The San Luis Valley Historian, 20, 15.

Ten Educational T.V. Productions (1980-2005)

Recent Grants and Contracts

2005-2013: Cochran, J., Principal Investigator, AVID for St. Louis Public School District (Funded to date: $362,000).

2012-2013: ---, Principal Investigator, AVID for Normandy School District (Funded to date: $18,156).

2011-2013: ---, Principal Investigator, AVID for Jennings School District (Funded to date: $16,000).

2005-2006: ---, Principal Investigator, Rotary Foundation Grant, Rotary International. Four grants awarded to RITE agencies: Annie Malone, Wellston School District, Girls Inc., ECHO.

2003-2007: ---, Principal Investigator, 21st Century Learning Center Grant, Department of Secondary and Elementary Education, State of Missouri, (Funded Grant $800,000).

1997-2001: --, Co-Principal Investigator with M. Gifford, J. Graham, and W. Wiersma, Phonics Demonstration Grant, Ohio Department of Education, Columbus, Ohio ($250,000).

2000: ---, Co-Principal Investigator, Library Grant, Missouri Library Association ($40,000).

Technical Reports

2005: Cochran, J. “We’re RITE for Youth,” Technical Report sent to Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

2001: ---, with M. Gifford, “Ohio’s Phonics Demonstration Grant: Longitudinal Study of Reading Instruction 1997-2001,” ERIC # 471627, Published 2001-11-00. 187 pages.

1998: ---, with M. Gifford, “Evaluation of the Phonics Demonstration Project,” ERIC # 424565, 67 pages.

1997: ---, Evaluation of the Van Wert School District Teacher Mentoring Pilot. Publication of Ohio Department of Education.

1997: ---, with G. Gifford, J. Graham, W. Wiersma, and L. Hudson. Evaluation of the Phonics Demonstration Project. Columbus, OH: Ohio Department of Education, Division of Teacher Education, Certification, and Professional Development.


Selected Presentations Given at Professional Conferences by J. Cochran:


2012, October: Cochran, J., “Women Worldwide: An International Distance Education Class Bridging Gaps in Education, Civil Rights, and Social-Moral Understanding for Russian and American Students,” Fulbright Association 2012 Conference, London, UK.

2012, September: ---, “Education of ‘Women Worldwide’ for American and Russian Students,” Society for Educating Women, 5th International Conference, St. Louis, MO.

2012, August: ---, “Political/Religious Leaders: Cross National Investigation of Religious Education’s Impact on Democracy,” First International Conference on Democratic Governance, Philadelphia, PA.

2011, August: ---, “Disillusionment with Higher Education in the Middle East and U.S.,” Oxford Roundtable at Harris Manchester College, Oxford University, Oxford, UK.

2011, March: ---, “Education as Change Agent in the Middle East and The West,” East Meets West Conference at Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, VA.

2005, November: Cochran, J., “Practical Strategies for At-risk Adult Learners,” American Association of Adult and Community Educators (AAACE), Louisville, KY.

2005, November: ---, “Adult Leadership in Education in Palestine and Israel,” International AAACE, Louisville.

2005, November: ---, “Crisis in Education in the Middle East,” ACE, Pittsburgh, PA.

2005, January: ---, “Services Provided by RITE,” Children’s Service Commission, Subcommittee Members and Public Appointees, Jefferson City, MO.

2004, November: ---, “Terrorism and Education, International Association of Adult and Community Educators,” Louisville.

2004, November: ---, “Brain-based Strategies for at Risk Adult Learners,” AAACE, Louisville.

2004, November: ---, “Peace Efforts in Adult Education in Palestine and Israel,” AAACE, Louisville.

2004, November: ---, Developing Community Partnerships,” AAACE, Detroit, MI.

2003, November: ---, “Distance Education and Learning Styles,” AAACE, Detroit.

2002, November: ---, “Seven Sites and Seven Proposals: Distance Education,” AAACE, St Louis, MO.

1997, October: ---, “Distance Education,” International Fulbright Conference on the Globalization of Education, Budapest, Hungary.

1995, February: ---, “Assessment Techniques for Teachers: Graduate School of America,” Minneapolis, MN.

1988, November: ---, “Women Professionals in the U.S. and Egypt: A Comparison.” American Arab Conference of Middle East Studies, San Francisco, CA.

1985, March: ---, “Where Has All the Money Gone? U.S. Financial Policy in Egypt.” Harvard College of Education Conference, Boston, MA.

1987, April: ---, “U.S. Politics in Egyptian Education.” Center for Interglobal Conference on Peace, University of California, Davis.

1984, November: ---, “Education in Modern Egypt: Social Predictions for the Middle East.” Middle East Studies Association, San Francisco, CA.

1984, Summer: ---, “English Language Instruction.” Guest lecturer, U.S. China Technological Exchange, University of Xian, Xian, China.

1984, May: ---, with C. Mills, “Oral Language Testing.” TESOL Conference, Houston, TX. (R)

1984, May: ---, “Teaching Competencies of Elementary Language Teacher.” TESOL Conference, Houston, TX. (R)

1984: ---, “U.S. Aid to Education in Egypt,” American Egyptian Research Center, Cairo, Egypt.


2000: Cochran, J., with M. Gifford, “Practical Strategies for At-Risk Learners,” National Conference of Teachers of English. Minneapolis, MN.

1994, February: ---, “Field Based Curriculum,” American Association of College Teacher Educators, Ft. Worth, TX.

1992, May-June: ---, with S. Davis, “Computers Used for Basic Education in Manufacturing,” International Reading Association, Tucson, AZ.

1986, April: ---, “Teaching Reading Skills Used in Math Word Problems.” National Association of Mathematics Teachers, Dallas, TX.

1980: ---, “Personality Characteristics of Remedial Readers,” American Psychological Association, Toronto, Canada.


2011, November: Cochran, J., “Today’s Disillusionment with Higher Education,” SRCEA, St. Louis, MO.

2005, July: Cochran, J., “Effective EFL Instruction,” MAACE, Tan-Tar-A, MO.

2002, November: ---, The Role of Religion in Education in the Middle East,” American Association of Adult and Community Educators, St. Louis MO.

1998, May: ---, with J. Davis, “Preparing Teachers to Work With Community Agencies,” Fairfield, OH.

1997, April: ---, “Internationalizing the Curriculum in Math and Science,” SOCHE, Dark State, Springfield, OH.

1995, May: ---, “Media Usage for ESL” Denver Public Schools, Denver, CO.

1992, October: ---, “What is Good in Education Today,” PEO, Midland, TX.

1992, January: ---, with S. Davis, “Literacy in Rural Colorado,” International Reading Association, Southwestern Conference, Tucson, AZ.

1989, February: ---, with M Shaunnesy and N. Stanley, “Using T.V. in the Classroom,” International Reading Association, Albuquerque, NM.

1988, October: ---, “A Comparison Between Rural Educational Problems in Egypt and the U.S,” Elderhostel, Denton, TX.

1985: ---, “Education of Women in Contemporary Egypt,” American Association of University Women, Phoenix, AZ.


2004: Cochran, J., “Research-based Strategies for ESL Instruction,” Missouri Association of Adult and Community Educators, Osage Beach, MO.

2004, October: ---, “Blueprint for Reading and Math: Wellston Success,” MOSAC2, St. Louis, MO.

2002, October: ---, with R. Hunt, “A Collaboration among Universities and Churches,” MOSAC 2, St. Louis, MO.

1997, January: ---, “Improving Math and Science Teachers’ Instruction,” AURCO Conference Chair, Canton, OH. (R)

1997, January: ---, “Project Discovery: Quality Education Through Quality Assessment,” AURCO Conference, Canton, OH. (R)

1995, April: ---, “ESL Instruction,” Denver Public Schools ESL In-Service, Denver, CO. (N)


2012, February: Cochran, J., “Update on Egypt,” African American Heritage Celebration 2012, St. Louis Community College–Florissant Valley, St. Louis, MO.

2012, January: ---, “Mideast Update,” Clayton-Ladue Rotary Club, St. Louis, MO.

2011, October: ---, “Book Launch,” University of Missouri–St. Louis, St. Louis, MO.

2011, September: ---, “Overview of International Education,” Presentation to Adult Ed 6413 class for Dr. Pi-Chi Han, University of Missouri–St. Louis, St. Louis, MO.

2003, January: ---, “Cultural Diversity in Tutoring,” St. Louis Community College at Forest Park, St. Louis, MO.

2003, February: ---, “Communication Effectiveness,” St. Louis Community College at Forest Park, St. Louis, MO.

2003, March: ---, “Academic Athletics Tutor Training,” University of Missouri–St. Louis, St. Louis, MO.

2003, March: ---, “Tutor Training in Reading for Religious Groups,” Newstead Missionary Baptist Church, St. Louis MO.

2003, June: ---, “Blueprint for Reading Success Training,” Wellston School District, St. Louis, MO.

2003, September: ---, with L. Barnhouse and T. Talley, “Tutor Training,” ECHO (Emergency Children’s Home), St. Louis, MO.

2003, October: ---, with J. Herrelko, “RITE Mathematics Tutor Training for AmeriCorps, Mathews Dickey and St. Louis Public School Teachers,” University of Missouri–St. Louis, St. Louis, MO.

2002, September: ---, “RITE Reading Tutor Training for St. Louis Public School Teachers,” University of Missouri–St. Louis, St. Louis, MO.

1997, May: ---, “Cultural Diversity,” Wright State University–Lake Campus Faculty Senate, Celina, OH.

1997, April-May: ---, “When Are Children Ready to Read?” Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, Wright State University, Fairborn, OH.

1997, January: ---, “Math/Science Presentation,” Faculty Senate, Wright State University, Fairborn, OH


Professional Service

International and National Organizations

Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Faculty Research Associate, University of Texas.

Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Faculty Research Associate, University of Arizona.

ESL Consultant, U.S. China Technological Exchange Commission, 1984.

American Egyptian Bank, Egypt, 1983.

Ministry of Tourism, Istanbul, Turkey, 1983.

National Organizations

1998-99: Editorial Board, Journal of Public Relations.

1995-96: WorkKeys Consultant, ETS, Aims Community College, Greeley, CO.

1994-1995: Consultant in Writing Across the Curriculum, Brentwood Middle School, Boulder, CO.

1994: Consultant, Front Range Community College, Fort Collins, CO.

1993: Consultant, Computers in Education, Alamosa High School, Alamosa, CO.

1988-94: Computer/Basic Education Consultant, Staley Manufacturing, Monte Vista, CO.

1987-88: Educational Diagnostician, Dr. Haq Barbur, Neurologist, High Plains Neurology Center, Clovis, NM.

Regional Organizations

1997-2001: Evaluator, Phonics Demonstration Project, State of Ohio.

1997: Consultant, Distance Education Programs, Urbana University (Ohio).

1997-98: Evaluator, First Year Teacher Licensure, Van Wert, Ohio, Public Schools.