Bachelor of Educational Studies (BES)

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Innovative Education Outside the Traditional Classroom

UMSL’s College of Education offers the Bachelor of Educational Studies (the “BES”) for students excited about education, but looking for challenges outside the traditional classroom. The BES degree prepares students for a career as an educator in many agencies. Wherever education happens outside the classroom, BES graduates will be prepared to be skilled and confident leaders and innovators. Coursework builds around a student’s interests with a unique mix of education, management and content, including significant courses from across the University from Arts & Sciences, Social Work and Business:

  • One-third education courses
  • One-third management related courses
  • Content area concentration selected from a wide selection of minors and certificates

Wide varieties of institutions emphasize informal learning and do so in many different types of settings. These institutions are eager to hire people who have training and relevant experience in education, management, marketing, and technology. UMSL’s College of Education, responding to this need, has designed a distinctive, flexible and inter-disciplinary bachelor’s degree that emphasizes practical skills for multiple settings.

The BES is expressly designed for students who want a broad view of education and a career in educational settings outside the traditional classroom. Program flexibility allows students to choose emphasis areas and tailor coursework to align with their career aspirations. In-depth internship opportunities with select agencies offer students authentic work experiences and the opportunity to put their coursework into practice.

Real BES enthusiasts have an opportunity to receive a small scholarship by becoming BES Ambassadors. More information about the scholarship is available at

Contact Advisor:

Ellen Duncan

201 South Campus Classroom Building (SCCB)
(314) 516-5932


Slide 1 UMSL BES program weaves student’s passion with opportunity
Barbara O’Dell brings a wealth of positive memories from her own childhood experiences to her internship interactions with children at the Saint Louis Science Center. (Photo courtesy of Sara Rambo)
Slide 2 Community College Student Makes Seamless Transition to a Career
Claire Eschen is the Lead Toddler Teacher at the University Child Development Center. Additionally, she has been a full-time student in the Bachelor of Educational Studies program for the last two years.
Slide 3 BES Graduate Finds Her Way Through The Program
Initially hoping for getting an internship at the History Museum while she was still in the program, but what happened was even better: They called her right when she was about to graduate and offered a job at one of their new galleries.

Bachelor of Educational Studies

The B. E. S. is a  professional degree designed for individuals who wish to study Education as a  scholarly discipline in preparation for a career in one of four areas:

(1) Early Childhood

(2) Exercise Science and Wellness

(3) Park and Museum Programs

(4) Youth and Adult Development

Students follow the University's General Education Requirements, Mathematical Skills, Advanced Expository Writing, American History and Government, and Cultural Diversity Requirements. Due to prerequisites of required courses all students must take PSYCH 1003 and POL SCI 1100. Students pursuing the Exercise Science emphasis area must take BIOL 1012BIOL 1013, and MATH 1030.

Foundations (Required Courses)

EDUC 1001Early Clinical Experience: Community Agency1
TCH ED 2000Becoming a Professional Educator1
EDUC 2222Interpretation: Connecting Audiences and Meaning3
EDUC/PHYS ED 2136Facility Management
EDUC 3170Grant Proposal Writing for Educators3
ED FND 3251Black Americans in Education3
ED FND 4330History of American Education through the Lens of Social Justice3
ED PSY 2212Child and Adolescent Development3
or PSYCH 2272 Developmental Psychology: Adulthood And Aging
ED REM 4730Program Assessment and Evaluation3
ED TECH 4302Educational Technology Instruction in Educational Agencies3
or ED TECH 4436 Computer-Mediated Teaching and Learning in Education
MKTG 3721Introduction to Digital Marketing Strategies3
THEATR 3362Storytelling3
Total Hours29