Teach in 12: Secondary School Programs

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High school is an important time as students begin to think of their future plans and heading to post-secondary education. These crucial years guide students to make the life choices they need to be successful.

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Admission Requirements

  • A passing score on the designated Missouri Content Examination or an approved program of study
  • A 2.75 or higher overall GPA
  • Approved results of the Family Care Safety Registry
  • A clear TB test or chest x-ray, if appropriate
  • Students must meet the application deadlines set by the Graduate School

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Secondary Education Certification Courses

Course Title Hours
TCH ED 5000 Advanced Early Clinical Experience 1
TCH ED 5310 Designing Instruction 3
TCH ED 5311 Foundations of Education 3
TCH ED 5312 Differentiated Instruction 3
ED PSY 6222 Advanced Studies in Child and Adolescent Development 3
SEC ED Curriculum and Methods of Teaching [Subject area] 3-4
SPC ED  6412
Psychology of Exceptional Children 3
SEC ED 5989 Practicum I: Site Based Experience 2
SEC ED 5990 Practicum II: Site Based Experience 8
Total minimum graduate hours 29-30

Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments

Clinical Experiences

  • 20 clock hours working in a community agency
  • 2 site-based practicum courses immersed in a Studio School
  • Practicum One: 1 day per week working as a Triton Teacher
  • Practicum Two: 5 days per week working as a Triton Teacher

Unique Resources and Innovations

  • Launch session to build community, provide early guidance, and share essential information
  • Grand Seminars and Collaborative Exchanges throughout the practicum experiences
  • Applicants for any post-baccalaureate certification program must already hold a bachelor’s degree with a minimum 2.75 cum GPA.
  • Any teacher candidate aspiring to enter the “Teach in 12” accelerated path must first pass the Missouri Content Assessment appropriate to her or his area of certification.
  • The accelerated path requires intensive study, immersive experiences, and large investments of time and effort. Candidates who enter the "Teach in 12" pathway will be unable to maintain concurrent professional commitments.


The programs listed here all contain the certification courses also found in the accelerated Teach in 12 program and are offered online, blended, and with local field experience and teaching practicums.

Certification + Masters:

Graduate Certificate: