The Pitch: Youth Entreprenuership in Technology

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The Next Big Idea is Waiting to be Presented

When:Upcoming Fall
Where: ED Collabitat, UMSL

The participants of the program will form small groups and collaboratively produce a new technical idea or solution to an existing problem. The Pitch is a week-long entrepreneurial program that will consist of a series of informative exercises, guest speakers, presentations, and hands on activities. Students will learn to brand, package and market their idea before pitching to industry professionals, decision makers, and community leaders. The program will teach students the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, creative thinking, and develop their professional presentation skills. Students will have a chance to win prizes that include a small startup fund, scholarships, and web design services. Our programming is built around the idea that through creative thinking and collaboration, Doers are made!

Workshops & Classes

Program Coordinator:

Amber Bell-Christian

100 Ward E Barnes Building
p: (314) 516-4813

Enrollment Requirements:

  • Students must be between the ages 13 and 17
  • Students must be enrolled in school
  • Students must have an interest in business and entrepreneurship
  • Students must have transportation
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Amber Bell-Christian,
Program Producer

Program Producer at the ED Collabitat Program Lead for the Education Entrepreneur in Residence Program