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Grad Cert: History Education Certificate

Deepening Knowledge of History’s Meaning

American historian and Pulitzer Prize winner Walter A. McDougall wrote, “If taught well, history trains young minds in the rules of evidence and logic, teaches them how to approximate truth through the patient exposure of falsehood, and gives them the mental trellis they need to place themselves in time and space and organize every other sort of knowledge they acquire in the humanities and sciences. To deny students history, therefore, is to alienate them from their community, nation, culture, and species.”

Students in the Graduate Certificate in History Education will reflect critically on methodologies as well as the general significance and meanings of the discipline.

For History and Social Studies Educators

The Graduate Certificate in History Education is designed for practicing teachers, instructional coordinators, and history educators in the community who are seeking to deepen their knowledge of history education. It offers history and social studies educators a program that integrates historical and educational knowledge, theory, and practice. The goals of the certificate are to improve the practice of history education in schools and the community, to research in history and social studies education, to deepen students’ historical knowledge, and to encourage sophisticated teaching and curriculum development built on research at the intersection of history and the learning sciences.

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