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Children with autism are included among all who learn in the regular classroom – do you, as an educator, have the knowledge to adequately assist their development and help them with skills that best prepare them for an inclusive world? UMSL graduate students who earn the Certificate in Autism Studies can celebrate their passion for learners on the Autism Spectrum, while partnering with their families, and utilize in schools, summer camps, and respite opportunities a comprehensive understanding of behavior strategies and related, best practice interventions when enjoying experiences with this special population of youngsters.

Specially-designed coursework and focused, experienced instruction is the hallmark of UMSL’s Autism Certificate Program. Program content and experiences increase understanding and skills necessary to provide comprehensive and holistic programming that addresses the unique characteristics of individuals with autistic disorder. Selected faculty provide contemporary, best practice-based preparation of professionals who will specialize in the treatment of individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and/or who will work collaboratively with school personnel to recognize and follow the ASD profile that best educates the students.

The Autism Certificate program of study can effectively prepare personnel to educate and support individuals with ASD, which includes autism, Asperger Syndrome, and other pervasive developmental disorders; gain greater understanding of challenges faced by families of individuals with ASD; address the complex needs of students with ASD -- including those who require intensive and highly individualized programs, to those who require less intensive modifications to succeed in their educational, functional, and life goals; and engage in scholarship and applied knowledge pertaining to the science and practice in areas of cognitive and behavior disability studies.

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