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EdD: Language, Literacy and Culture

Advance Scholarship and Practice in Language, Literacy, and Culture

Drawing upon the experiences and expertise of practitioners, the LLC program creates a collaborative environment in which candidates study and research the teaching and learning of reading, writing, speaking, listening and thinking in the 21st century. The program focuses on the linguistic and cultural diversity evident in our communities and the need to support fair and equitable opportunities for children, youth and adult learners in all educational contexts. Through engagement in authentic problem solving and critique related to key methods, theories and practices, members of the cohort will interpret and carry out research designed to improve teaching practices and learning activity. While questions will arise organically from the learning community, some possible areas of inquiry include:

  • How does technology mediate participation in literacy practices within contemporary information ecologies?
  • How does a better understanding of culture enable educators to foster and scaffold literacy learning and critical thinking?
  • What are useful and culturally-sensitive methods for assessing language and literacy skills?
  • How does language and literacy instruction contribute to growth in the arts, sciences, mathematics, social sciences and literature?
  • How might educational leaders shape the ever-evolving landscape of language and literacy policies and reforms?
  • In what ways do teachers create a legitimate space for community, family and critical literacy practices in their language arts curriculum, especially alongside the Common Core State Standards?
  • How might individual and collective agency be promoted and power be negotiated amongst educational stakeholders?

Foundational courses examine the ways in which language, literacy and culture, broadly conceived, undergird almost every aspect of cognitive, social and emotional development as well as the formation of social identities. Other courses aim to provide candidates with a thorough grounding in the philosophy, principles and methods associated with practitioner research, as well as a critical understanding of key contemporary issues related to language acquisition and development, literacy and schooling, and literacy and society.

The Language, Literacy and Culture invites those working full-time or part-time to earn a doctorate in a supportive environment in which their day-to-day efforts become a site for data gathering, reflection, analysis and publication.

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COE: Dr. Kathleen Haywood
201 Education Administration Building (EAB)
p: (314) 516-5872


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