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Enrolling in the College of Education teacher preparation program actively and uniquely engages you throughout your studies in working with pre K-12 students as they learn and develop in informal and formal learning settings. The College of Education recognizes that we prepare educators for a variety of roles and a variety of contexts (i.e. P-12 schools, youth serving organizations, museums, zoos, gardens, nature centers, after school programs, tutoring/mentoring programs, businesses, legislative offices, etc.) all of which impact student learning. We want to prepare community educators as well as P-12 classroom teachers who can provide relevance, application, and meaning to student learning in developmentally, socially, and culturally responsive ways. As a teacher candidate, you will work with students in youth serving agencies to support them in non-traditional settings. You will also gain valuable practical knowledge by applying university course content to interactions with young learners in academically focused content-based community agencies such the St. Louis Chess Club, Powder Valley, and many United Way agencies.

Our teacher programs offer unique capstone experiences, two practica in “Studio Schools.” These are schools and districts where design happens, using a “differentiated staffing” plan. Specifically, teacher candidates will work in the school site as a faculty member, planning and teaching to provide in-depth support, flexibility, and intervention for pre K–12 students where it’s needed. The focus of this model is on K–12 student learning. Teacher candidates, supported by the supervisor and school site mentor, will impact Pre K–12 students in multiple, varied and wide ranging grade level, achievement and subject specific contexts. These can include small group settings, whole class lessons, enrichment and support lessons all focused learning experiences. As a College of Education teacher candidate, you will have state of the art opportunities to make positive impacts on student learning and growth as you become a community educator for all learners.

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Slide 1 Sport management student Alex Elmore volunteers at 2022 Dempsey Challenge
Alex Elmore (second from right), a senior sport management major, traveled to Lewiston, Maine, with Karen Boleska (fourth from right), director of UMSL’s sport management program, to volunteer at the 2022 Dempsey Challenge. During the September weekend, Elmore worked with other volunteers to erect virtually the entire venue at Simard-Payne Park, including barricades, fences and tents. (Photo courtesy of Karen Boleska)
Slide 2 December education and mathematics graduate Evan Price makes math relatable
This month, Evan Price graduated from the College of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences with bachelor’s degrees in education and mathematics, respectively. During his time at UMSL, Price strived to make math more relatable as a tutor at the Math Center and as a student teacher at his alma mater, Seckman High School. In January, he will start his first full-time job, teaching middle school math at St. Simon the Apostle School. (Photo by August Jennewein)
Slide 3 December graduate Meredith Alton returns to school to make a difference
Meredith Alton returned to college and dedicated herself to studying and earning a bachelor’s degree. This December, she graduated summa cum laude with a BS in secondary English and an Honors College certificate, walking as a student marshal during commencement. (Photo by August Jennewein)