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6-Step Application

A teacher candidate must successfully complete all six steps of the application process before she or he may be placed at a practicum site. It is solely the responsibility of the teacher candidate to correctly follow the instructions that are outlined below.

Step 1: FCSR Background Check

You are required to go to the Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR) website to complete your registration online.

  • You will pay $13.00 for a lifetime registration and will receive your background checks via mail to the address you provide.
  • You must upload your background check to the COE Portal.
  • You must update this document YEARLY to the Portal as checks must be within one calendar year to be considered valid.
  • Although you may obtain lifetime membership, you must request a new check YEARLY by calling 1-866-422-6872. When you receive your new check, be sure to upload it.
  • By law, no outside background checks can be accepted. Your background check must come from the FCSR.

COE Portal

Family Care Safety Registry

Step 2: TB Test Results

You are required to get a TB test, which can be administered by the University Health Services in the MSC, Walgreens Take Care Clinics, the Department of Public Health, or by your physician.

  • You must provide negative TB test results and upload them to the COE Portal YEARLY. As with FCSR background checks, the results are considered invalid after one calendar year.
  • The test will be administered and must be read by the physician within 48 hours, so plan your visit accordingly.
  • If your TB test results are positive, you must provide us with a clear chest x-ray in its place.
  • If you get TB test results from UMSL's University Health Services, be sure to scan and submit both pages of the 2-page document.

COE Portal

University Health Services

Step 3: Academic Audit

You are required to complete an academic audit, which consists of a fillable web form that is available when you are logged on in the application section of the COE Portal.

The web form includes fillable fields for personal information, a personal statement (prompt given), and a course worksheet detailing completed/future coursework.

COE Portal

About Your Academic Audit

Step 4: Substitute Certificate

You are required to go to the 'Educator Certification' section of the DESE website in order to obtain a substitute certificate.

  • Register and obtain a six-digit profile number.
  • Select 'Applying for a Substitute Certificate' and follow the steps to submit your application.
    A $50.00 fee applies.
  • Send official transcripts that have a minimum of 60 credit hours. Your six-digit profile number must be included.
    for example:
    Educator Certification
    Educator Profile Number: ###### (your number here)
    PO Box 480
    Jefferson City, MO 65102  
  • Get an FBI Fingerprint Check: In order to obtain a sub certificate, a teacher candidate must complete an FBI Fingerprint Check. Register with the Missouri Automated Criminal History Site(MACHS) Fingerprint Portal. When asked for a four-digit registration number, use 2300.
  • Additional information regarding the Background/Fingerprint guidelines can be found through DESE.

COE Portal

DESE Web Log In

Missouri Automated Criminal History Site

Background/Fingerprinting Guidelines

Step 5: Resume

You are required to create a professional resume and to submit it in the COE Portal.

COE Portal

Resume Guidelines

Step 6: Letter of Reference

You are required to obtain an authentic letter of reference from a person for whom you have worked, and you must submit this letter in the COE Portal.

COE Portal

All documentation must be complete in the COE Portal by the stated deadline.