Inquiry into My Practice (IMP)

In Studio Schools practicums, teacher candidates see the opportunity for an "IMP" every time they teach a lesson or work one-on-one with a learner. By developing "Inquiries into My Practice," UMSL teacher candidates are learning to become ThinkingPartners for each other as they reshape their everyday classrooms into innovation spaces and transform their traditional lesson plans into engaging processes by which learners develop new understandings and new confidence.

Through the "IMP" process, a ThinkingPartner (a clinical educator or fellow teacher candidate) supports the teacher candiate as she engages in a 3-part sequence of analytical ("Explore"), imaginative ("Envision"), and consequential ("Enact") thought exercises before she teaches a lesson ("Prebrief") and after ("Debrief").


Unpacking Explore, Envision, and Enact

Unpacking Explore,
Envision, and Enact

ThinkingPartner record



For an example of the complete "Inquiry into My Practice" process, view the short videos below. This content was recorded during the first "Grand Seminar" for teacher candidates on September 16, 2014.

1. Introduction

Dr. Taylor discusses the unique collective impact of the Studio Schools initiative and the special importance of reflective "noticing and naming." (13:21)

2. Prebrief

Dr. Cordova's "IMP" begins with a Prebrief. With his ThinkingPartner, he explores, envisions, and anticipates what he might enact. (6:30)

3. Lesson

Dr. Cordova teaches a lesson on "note-taking" and "note-making" that advances the teacher candidates' understanding of classroom observations. (23:34)

4. Debrief

A Debrief completes Dr. Cordova's "IMP." With his ThinkingPartner, he reflects on what he has explored, envisioned, and enacted. (5:57)


For more information about ResponsiveDesign and the "IMP" process, see the Cultural Landscapes Collaboratory (colab).