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Information for Clinical Educators

Information for Clinical Educators

A university clinical educator will mentor teacher candidates at each studio school site to support their work with P-12 students and ensure a collaborative school-university partnership.

The university clinical educator will be in a studio school site 1 day per week, the entire year, to mentor teacher candidates, lead seminars and provide support to schools.

The Responsibilities of Clinical Educators

  • Working with the school administration and faculty to develop a successful ResponsiveDesign™ model in which teacher candidates will engage with all aspects of the school academic curriculum, professional development, professional learning communities, data teams, etc.
  • Collaborating with site coordinator, faculty members, principals and other staff members to provide differentiated staffing experiences that model proficient teaching practices.
  • Facilitating weekly seminar sessions with teacher candidates that are inquiry focused and designed to help teacher candidates apply what they are learning in coursework and in informal learning settings.
  • Coaching teacher candidates in classroom teaching and broader schools and community leadership responsibilities.
  • Ensuring that teacher candidates have the opportunity to become proficient in meeting Missouri education standards and in teaching responsibilities.
  • Working with candidates on site in schools one day per week throughout the academic semester to mentor, advise and engage with both candidates and classroom teachers throughout the school day.
  • Assessing teacher candidates’ instruction in a variety of settings and supported by documents in the electronic format.
  • Documenting teacher candidates’ progress as needed in MyCOE and face-to-face meetings.
  • Communicating on a regular basis with the Director of Clinical Experience.
  • Grading course work in Canvas.

The Clinical Educator will mentor the teacher candidate and will visit the site on a weekly basis. The Clinical Educator is also the instructor of record for the practicum course and is responsible for the candidate's grades, including the final grade.

Clinical Educator's Evaluation of Candidate

Based on Missouri Teacher Standards. Required by DESE.

Please go to MyCOE:SCOPE to complete an evaluation of your teacher candidates near the midpoint of the semester and, again, at the end of the semester.

As soon as the assessment administrators are able, the results of each Clinical Educator Evaluation are sent via e-mail to the candidate and back to the Clinical Educator.



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