The Office of Clinical Experience works together with the Bachelor of Educational Studies (BES) to manage the internship portion of the program, designed for students who are completing an education degree outside the traditional classroom. Learn more about the BES program. 

BES Interns will have the following professional opportunities:

  • Work in professional, yet informal, learning organizations in order to plan, develop, and implement site-based projects and programs as assigned.
  • Explore and deliver educational and outreach philosophies in informal education, while building professional identity, resilience, and a collaborative network of professionals.
  • Have direct access to recruiting and career opportunities.

Students will have the distinct opportunity to intern with one of our many BES placement sites located throughout the St. Louis area once they complete the required course work and are approved to start. A few of UMSL's partner sites include:

  • Fit Learning STL (Video)
  • Just 4 Us Childcare
  • KinderCare Learning Centers
  • LifeBridge Partnerships
  • St. Louis Zoo
  • St. Louis Science Center
  • Kidsplay
  • Beyond Housing
  • UMSL Child Development Center
  • St. Louis Arc
  • QuickHIT Fitness Labs
  • Dolan Houses 
  • St. Louis Arch
  • United 4 Children
  • Challenger Learning Center
  • Southside Early Childhood Center
  • UMSL Athletics
  • Faster Fitness
  • The Little Bit Foundation 
  • TASK
  • Forest Park Forever

Internship placement sites are carefully selected for each student and is dependent upon the student's area of emphasis and professional goals. Students also have the opportunity to choose a site that is not partnered with UMSL, so long as the site can help the student fulfill the goals related to their current development and future career. This may include current employers. The following link(s) may help students find outside internship opportunities.

Introductory Internship 

The introductory internship (EDUC 4989) is the first step in gaining direct and meaningful clinical experience that focuses on one of the four BES areas of study. Students are eligible to participate in the introductory internship once they have satisfied 60 credit hours, having completed 12 of those credit hours in BES courses. 

Capstone Internship 

The capstone internships (EDUC 4990 and 4991) are the final step towards graduating with a BES degree. Students can take part A (4990) of capstone in one semester and part B (4991) in the following semester or they can choose to take them concurrently. Students are eligible to participate in the capstone internship once they have satisfied 90 credit hours and have completed the introductory internship with B- or better. 

Internship Application Process

After the internship applications for the program are academically audited, the BES committee, which is comprised of BES faculty and administrators, will meet to review the applications and also make recommendations for the placement site. The students will be instructed to schedule an interview with the site supervisor to discuss the internship duties and work schedule, using the BES Internship Agreement and Plan. Students will need a consent number to register for each of the internship courses.

Specific details of what is expected of BES students during their internship course and experience will be listed within the syllabus and discussed with the students once they meet with their university faculty advisor. Students should also read the BES Handbook.

For questions relating to the BES internship application process, please contact Erika Rose at or  (314) 516-6792.

Upcoming BES Application Deadlines: 

Summer 2022

March 15, 2022

Fall 2022

June 15, 2022

Spring 2023

October 15, 2022

Summer 2023

March 15, 2023