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Digital Devices and Use of Video

Use of Digital Devices During Practicum

All teacher candidates and Clinical Educators in practicum will use digital devices (phones, phablets, tablets, etc.) for instruction, self-directed learning, professional development and personal productivity. Candidates are encouraged to make use of their personal digital devices, but will be responsible for downloading any required applications needed to complete practicum coursework. A limited number of iPads are available for candidates to borrow during their P1 and P2 experiences.

UMSL devices are owned, maintained and distributed by the Technology and Learning Center (TLC). Below are the responsibilities of both the college and students who choose to borrow a digital device from the TLC during practicum: 

College Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities

In Case of Damage, Loss or Theft

 UMSL College of Education has gone to great lengths to make this technology accessible to our practicum students while minimizing their exposure should something go wrong either through accidental damage, loss or theft. There are few cases in which a student will be financially responsible for these contingencies:

UMSL-owned devices will be distributed at the initial Grand Seminar for candidates who need them (check the 'Important Dates' section of the website for seminar dates). Please contact The Office of Clinical Experience or the TLC with any troubleshooting issues with your borrowed device.

Restoring Device to Factory Defaults:

Before returning your device it is a good idea, for your own privacy, to restore the iPad to factory defaults.                                                                                                       Here's how: 

How To Restore iPad