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The Office of Advising and Student Services (OASIS) anticipates celebrating each semester our students' culminating achievement: graduation. 

There are graduation procedures of which students must be aware and several processes that must be completed before graduation.

All students will...

1. Receive a graduation deficiency letter from their academic advisor which will indicate deficiencies that may impact their anticipated graduation date.

** It is important that you IMMEDIATELY contact your advisor to correct these deficiencies or your graduation date could be delayed.


2. Notify the campus Admissions Office  and OASIS of any name, phone or address changes that you have or made prior to graduation. 

* It is imperative that any changes such as these are relayed to BOTH UMSL and to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) – otherwise your anticipated date of graduation or certification will be DELAYED!

* You must ensure that you have completed your Initial Professional Application for certification. Failure to complete the Initial Professional Application will delay the receipt of your state teaching certificate.

Please remember that it can take as long as SIX TO EIGHT WEEKS from the time of graduation to receive your state teaching certificate!


3. If you plan to participate in graduation ceremonies, plan to attend the graduation fair to purchase graduation apparel in the UMSL Triton Store in the Millennium Student Center on North Campus. You will receive an invitation to attend the graduation fair during the semester you will graduate. More information concerning commencement exercises is provided on the commencement website.


4. Please contact your advisor if you have any questions or concerns about your graduation or certification status.