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Remember to do the following PRIOR to your last semester:

  • Apply to graduate. Apply now online through MyView. This officially places your name in the commencement program. It also alerts the registrars office that if you stay on track you will be finishing your degree and receiving your diploma. If you have any issues contact your academic adviser Don't wait until the last minute!  When you do, you risk complications in your graduation.

  • Schedule an advising appointment for a graduation review the semester prior to the semester in which you intend to graduate (i.e., schedule in September for a May graduation, and in February for an August or December graduation).  A comprehensive review of all graduation requirements is included during this appointment.  This cannot be done on a walk-in basis!  Stop by the College of Education OASIS Advising Offices to schedule an appointment or call (314) 516-5937.

  • Go to to check your Degree Audit Report (DARS) after you preregister for your last semester!  Or, you can run it online from your MyGateway account.  Go to My Academic Toolbox (middle box, far right) and click on “My DARS Report.”  If it says “All requirements complete – in progress courses used” you know you are almost at the finish line!

  • You will receive a Graduation Check or Deficiency Letter from the College of Education Advising Offices (OASIS) notifying you of any remaining requirements.

  • Register with Career Services located at 278 Millennium Student Center.  It’s the best way to stay in the loop regarding campus recruiting and job fairs.  They can also help you get started on your job search.  There is no fee for registration!  Call (314) 516-5111 or visit:

Full details on how to prepare for the commencement ceremony and can be found here:

Remember to do the following during your FINAL semester:

  • Register and take the Missouri Content Assessment Test (MoCA). Information on this test (including a sample test) is available at:

  • Register to participate in the commencement ceremony at the UMSL Bookstore (209 MSC) by April 1st (for May and August) and November 1st (for December) to make sure your name is listed in the program.  More information on the commencement ceremony is available at:

  • FOR AUGUST GRADUATES ONLY – You have the option to take part in the May or December commencement ceremony.  On your graduation application, please indicate which ceremony you plan to attend.  If it is the May ceremony, you must apply to graduate by April 1st in order to be listed in the May commencement program.

  • Complete a grade modification form with an academic advisor for any courses you have repeated in which you received a grade of C- or lower. Once your degree is posted on your transcript, you cannot use grade modification.


Remember to do the following PRIOR to your last semester:

Graduate School programs each have individual deadlines and forms.  Please familiarize yourself with these requirements as soon as possible here:

Full details on how to prepare for the commencement ceremony and can be found here: