Who is my advisor?

Undergraduate Degree Programs



Elem Ed and Spec Ed
Elem Ed and TESOL
Elem Ed, Spec Ed, and TESO


Tonna Wilson (last names A-K) tonnawilson@umsl.edu

ShaQuina White (last names L-Z) shaquinawhite@umsl.edu

Bachelor of Educational Studies (BES)

Minor in Education


Ellen Duncan duncane@umsl.edu

Early Childhood Education/Special Education 


Tonna Wilson tonnawilson@umsl.edu

Secondary Education - English


ShaQuina White shaquinawhite@umsl.edu

Secondary Education - Social Studies


Tonna Wilson tonnawilson@umsl.edu

Secondary Education - Chemistry, Physics, and Biology


Tonna Wilson tonnawilson@umsl.edu

Secondary Education - Mathematics and Foreign Languages


ShaQuina White shaquinawhite@umsl.edu

K-12 Art, Music


Princess Davis davispl@umsl.edu

K-12 Physical Education


ShaQuina White shaquinawhite@umsl.edu

Middle School - all subjects


Tonna Wilson tonnawilson@umsl.edu

Graduate Degree  and Certification Programs



Teach in 12 and Temporary Authorization Certificate graduate level teacher certification


Princess Davis davispl@umsl.edu (last names A-L)

Ellen Duncan duncane@umsl.edu (last names M-Z)

Special Education and Autism Certificate


Susan Johnson (last names A-L) susanjohnson@umsl.edu

Marty Woytus (last names M-Z) woytusm@umsl.edu

Counseling - School and Community Mental Health


Susan Johnson (last names A-L) susanjohnson@umsl.edu

Marty Woytus (last names M-Z) woytusm@umsl.edu

Higher Education Administration


Shawn Woodhouse shawn_woodhouse@umsl.edu



Susan Johnson (last names A-L) usanjohnson@umsl.edu

Marty Woytus (last names M-Z)

Elementary Education-Reading


Susan Johnson (last names A-L) susanjohnson@umsl.edu

Education Administration


Susan Johnson (last names A-L) susanjohnson@umsl.edu

Marty Woytus (last names M-Z) woytusm@umsl.edu

Secondary Education - Curriculum and Instruction, General emphasis


Susan Johnson (last names A-L) susanjohnson@umsl.edu

Marty Woytus (last names M-Z) woytusm@umsl.edu

All MEd Programs


Susan Johnson (last names A-L) susanjohnson@umsl.edu

Marty Woytus (last names M-Z) woytusm@umsl.edu

I want to change my assigned adviser. How do I request another adviser?

Adviser assignments are determined by an advisers’ area of expertise or (in the case of Elementary Education) divided by the alphabet for even distribution of students. Because of this, it is not possible to select a different adviser. If necessary, contact the Director of Advising, Ellen Meadows, at (314) 516-7697.

Where is OASIS located?

We are located on UMSL's South Campus, off Natural Bridge Road and across from Lucas Crossing Elementary School. If you are traveling East on Natural Bridge, you will pass the north campus (University Blvd) and continue for approximately three blocks. Make a right turn onto East Drive, pass the South Campus Metro Link station and proceed to the first stop sign. Make a right turn onto South Drive and we are the second building to the right. There is a large sign in front of the building, "South Campus Classroom Building."

Where do I park?

Park in lot 'XX' in front of the former Barnes Library, now the ED Collabitat.
The signs say permit required, but visitors may park in this lot. There is also metered parking outside of Marillac Hall for visitors.

How do I look up a course to see if it is offered this semester?

Access MyView and click on Schedule of Courses to the left.

How do I register for a course?

Access MyView, then enter SSO ID and password to log in.
Select Self Service and under the Academic Planning tab, select Enrollment Shopping Cart, select Term, and then Search to locate classes to add to your cart.
Once all courses are added to the shopping cart, follow the prompts to enroll. (Note: When you have registered for all of the courses, there will be a green check mark next to the courses. If there is a red “X” next to a course, you may have some form of an academic or financial hold or you may not meet the requirements. Please see your adviser.)

I have applied to UMSL and I want to see if I have been accepted.

Any questions regarding undergraduate admissions should be directed to Admissions (314) 516-5451. Questions regarding graduate admissions should be directed to the Graduate School Admissions Office at (314) 516-5458.  Teach In 12 (TI12) applicants should email their advisers (list is provided at the very top of the page).

I want to see if my transcript has been received from St. Louis Community College or I want to check my records from a previous degree earned at UMSL.

Any questions regarding transcripts or records can be directed to the Office of the Registrar, Stephen Chen, who can be reached at (314) 516-6924. Transcript information and other records are available through MyView.

Which credentials are necessary to teach in the state of Missouri?

For the most up-to-date information, go to the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education web site.
Website: dese.mo.gov

Which programs are available in the UMSL College of Education?


Locate the COE website and find the "Programs/Degrees"
Or use these quick links: PEA

I've been accepted to UMSL and want to apply to the College of Education. What do I need to do?

Once you have completed your General Education Requirements and take the Introductionary Education Courses, you will need to apply to the Teacher Education Program (T.E.P).

Can you explain the Teacher Certification options that are available?

Students interested in earning Teacher Ceritifcation (Grade levels 1-12) after obtaining a B.A. or a B.S. degree, UMSL offers the Teach in 12 program which consists of 36-45 credit hours. Teach in 12 (TI12) Secondary Ed, can be completed in three semesters. (Elementary Ed TI12 will require additional coursework.) 

TI12 consists of online Education courses and Practicum's I and II in one of our Studio Schools.


Teach in 12

What is Practicum I and Practicum II?

Practicum I is a site-based experience in a school. (It used to be referred to as an 'Internship' or 'Classroom Observation.') Practicum I courses earn 3 credit hours. Practicum II is an immersive site-based experience in a school. (It used to be referred to as 'Student Teaching.') Practicum II courses earn 12 credit hours in the Bachelor of Science in Education (BSED) programs and 8 hours in the Graduate Degree programs.

What are the deadlines for completing the Practicum I application?

For students earning a Bachelor of Science in Education (BSED):

May 31st is the deadline for Practicum I in the spring semester of the following year.

December 31st is the deadline for Practicum I in the fall semester of the following year.

See your adviser for PI deadline dates for Graduate Teacher Certification options.

See the Clinical Experiences webpage for more information.

I have a concern regarding my application or placement for my Practicum.

Check with your adviser regarding Practicum applications and check with Clinical Experiences (314) 516-6792 regarding placements.

Which Assessments are required in the College of Education (COE)?

You can review an updated list of required assessments that the state of Missouri requires of all students on the COE Website or the DESE Website.

I need to register for MoGEA. How do I obtain more information?

Access their website for more information.

I have a question regarding MoCA or MOGEA assessments. Whom can I contact?

There are actually three options-

  1. Talk to your Academic Advisor (list is provided above at the beginning of this page)

  2. Contact the Campus Testing Center 314-516-6396.

  3. Review the Assessment matrix located online on the OASIS Advising website.

How do I have my MOGEA scores transferred to UMSL from another Higher Education Institution?

Contact Pearson (the testing company) and request that they send you the scores in a sealed envelope. DO NOT Open this envelope! Bring this envelope to OASIS in room 116 South Campus Classroom Building. Also, if you know you will be attending UMSL, please list UMSL as a score recipient.

I'm having trouble uploading my Background check and/or TB test using MyCOE.

The Teaching & Learning Center (TLC) can assist students with uploading the TB Test and/or Background checks using MyCOE. They are located in 100 Marillac Hall or can be contacted at 314-516-4800.

Any questions or inquiries regarding practicum coursework, clinical experience hours, or background/TB tests can be addressed to Clinical Experiences, room 203, South Computer Building, to Chrissy 314-516-6792 or Stephanie 314-516-6741.

Am I on the graduation list for the current semester?

Any questions or concerns regarding the status of your graduation from UMSL should be directed to your academic adviser. (Adviser list can be found at the very beginning of this page.) 

How do I apply for Missouri Teacher Certificaiton or Graduation?

Please visit the following links below:

Teacher Certification: DESE


  1. After clicking the link, click on Teachers box
  2. Choose option: "You have completed a teacher preparation program at a Missouri Institution"
  3. DESE Secured
    Web Application Login
    Go to your DESE account (dese.mo.gov, WEBAPPS) and apply for the Initial Professional Certification, regular - if you applied and it was returned, there is not a fee to reapply.
  4. Please check to be sure that all transcripts from all schools you have attended other than UMSL have been submitted BY YOU to DESE and are listed under the EDUCATION tab.
  5. Make sure your background check is current for a semester following Graduation.
My View: MyView
  1. Login with SSO ID and password
  2. Click on Self-Service in the upper-left menu
  3. Click on Degree Progree/Graduation
  4. Click on Apply for Graduation

I graduated, and I have reviewed the DESE website. My degree or certification has not been recorded and I need to have this for an interview/job.

It takes 10 to 12 weeks following commencement for your Teacher Certification to appear on the DESE website. For example, for May graduates, UMSL has until late June to submit your records and verify all the necessary information with DESE, and the results should be available by early to mid August.

Now, if a student needs pending certification documentation to submit to an employer, please contact Laura at Wattl@umsl.edu. Please provide your name, student number, major/certification area, graduation/certification date, assessment(s) taken and the examination dates.

When should I expect to receive my diploma after graduation?

It can take 6 to 8 weeks after graduation to receive your diploma, and 10-12 weeks after graduation to verify your certification on the DESE website.

Where and to whom do I send a Verification of Certification form for the signature of the Certification Officer (CO)?

Send an email to Laura Watt (wattl@umsl.edu),in OASIS, with the form and your DESE ID Number. Laura will process the forms (verify your degree completion and Teacher Certification on DESE's website using your Educator Number) and have our Certification Officer sign the form.
We will return it by mail, email or it may be picked up in room 116 South Campus Classroom Building. Call Laura at 314-516-5939 for further information.
  • Please note, Verification of Certification form, the process takes up to to 10 business days once the correct form is recorded.

I've applied for the Master's of Education and I want to check on my admission status.

Any questions regarding Graduate application status should be directed to the Graduate Admissions Office or respective Graduate Program Director in the College of Education.

Counseling & Family Therapy: Contact Dr. Susan Kashubeck-West at (314) 516-6091 or kashubeckwests@umsl.edu

Educational Leadership: Contact Dr. James Shuls at (314) 516-6528 or davismat@umsl.edu

Educational Psychology: Contact Dr. Donald Gouwens at(314) 516-4773 or gouwensd@umsl.edu

I am a doctoral student and have a question regarding my paperwork i.e. ED 1-7. To whom can I speak?

Contact Alexandra Gresick at 314-516-5107. She is located in the Dean's Suite. She does all doctoral tracking.

How do I obtain a copy of a previous class Syllabus?

These may or may not be available, depending on the year and the individual professor.

Call instructional services to speak with Chris East at (314) 516-5945

What is the Education Specialist (Ed.S) Degree?

It is a 60 hour program with 2 emphasis areas available: Educational Administration or Educational Psychology.

Contact Don Gouwens at 314-516-4773 for further information regarding the Educational Pyschology program.

Contact Dr. James Schuls at 314-516-6528 for further informationregarding the Educational Administration program.


Who do I contact to obtain a permission number for a class?

For all undergraduate permission numbers, please visit the MyCOE Consent Number application provided below.
For PhD, M.Ed., and Ed conset number, for courses involving dissertation hours, special reading, and internships, contact Laura Watt. (wattL@umsl.edu)

I have a question about my M-1 or other graduate level paperwork.

These questions should be directed to your Faculty Advisor.

I would like information on the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certification?


This program, per its set of graduate courses listed below, is nationally-certified and approved at UMSL by the national Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB)in Florida. As one of only two university-based, BCBA-approved and BACB website-listed programs in Greater St. Louis, the program provides required content and processes that meet the criteria for the credential of BCBA Certification. The licensure-based curriculum of knowledge and skills, embedded in the courses, is taught by area behavior specialists who have earned the BCBA Therapist credential. The set of courses, listed below, are open only to cohort-based program participants who will later, and independently, apply to sit for the national BCBA Certification Examination (per the BACB website stipulations and instructions).

COURSES: SPECED6630 Fall Semester SPECED6650 [practicum I] Spring Semester SPECED6660 Summer Semester SPECED6670 [practicum II] Fall Semester Following satisfactory completion of SPECED6670, a brief, pre-examination seminar for the cohort members who apply to take the BCBA Licensure Examination is offered early in the Spring Semester.

Who do I contact for more information on BCBA?

The contact person for this program is Lisa Gilberston. Her phone number is 314-369-4255 and her email is gilbertsenl@umsl.edu.