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Dear students,

The mission of the Office of Advising and Student Services is to provide our students with a holistic, transformative advising experience that will meet their academic, personal and professional needs and empower them to become successful education professionals. During your journey as a student at UMSL, you will have a wide range of vibrant and diverse experiences. You will work with talented and experienced faculty members who will challenge you to engage and reflect upon your experiences as practitioners or pre-service teachers in educational and community settings. You will also study and work, along with fellow students, staff and faculty, in the cutting edge Technology and Learning Center and Ed Collabitat, located in the College of Education.

We advise undergraduate students and assist them with transcript audits which culminate in the creation of a program plan that details the courses that they must complete for future semesters in our teacher certification and educational studies degree programs. We also have a designated Graduate Faculty Advisor who advises our graduate students. For career changers who are only seeking teacher certification, or for those graduate students who are interested in earning the M.Ed. degree as well as teacher certification, our office works very closely with them to assist with the development of their program plan. We also advise in-service teachers and other working professionals who are interested in an M.Ed. degree, in consultation with their respective faculty advisor, in some cases, to build their program plan.

The OASIS website will serve as a useful resource for every student in our College, and it will answer many of the common questions that our students may have. UMSL also publishes many of the requirements for the University and the College of Education in the UMSL Bulletin, which can be accessed using the following link. You will also receive additional information via your UMSL email account, MyGateway and the College of Education’s website.

If you have questions regarding your studies or degree program, or if you have any educator certification concerns, please contact our office at (314) 516-5937 to schedule an advising appointment to meet with your academic advisor.  We will work with you as you endeavor to accomplish your goals and successfully prepare for your future career as an education professional. We wish you every success each semester that you are an UMSL student and throughout your professional career. Our students—Second to None. Thank you for choosing UMSL!

Best wishes,

Shawn Woodhouse, Ph.D.

Associate Dean of Students & Graduate Program Director
Associate Professor, Higher Education Administration

Shawn Woodhouse, Ph.D.

Shawn Woodhouse, Ph.D.
265 Marillac Hall
(314) 516-7397