Welcome to the UMSL COE Podcast!

Our podcast can be found using the following formats, or for individual episodes by clicking the episode links below:

Season #1

Episode #1.1: Dr. Ann Taylor, Dean of the UMSL COE

Episode #1.2:  UMSL eduCATE student organization leadership team

Episode #1.3:  ACP/Degree in 3 with Dr. Julie Smith-Sodey and Monica Phelps-Pineda

Episode #1.4:  Sport Management, Dr. Karen Boleska

Episode #1.5:  Dr. Jill Klahn-Smith, Wentzville School District

Episode #1.6:  Social Justice, Dr. Thomasina Hassler

Episode #1.7:  Dr. Lindsay Athamanah, UMSL Succeed and Special Education

Episode #1.8:  Dr. Amber Candela, Elementary Math Specialist Certification

Episode #1.9:  Dr. Emily Brown, MED School Counseling

Episode #1.10:  Dr. Chanua Ross, UMSL COE Teach Residency


Season #2

Episode #2.1:  Dr. Kristin Sobolik, Chancellor, University of Missouri-St. Louis

Episode #2.2:  Princess David and Dr. Ellen Duncan, UMSL COE Teach in 12 Alt Cert Program

Episode #2.3:  Dr. Ellen Duncan, Bachelor of Educational Studies

Episode #2.4:  Graduate Certificate Personal Finance Literacy Education, Dr. Mary Suiter

Episode #2.5:  Dr. Jerome E Morris, E. Desmond Lee Endowed Professor of Urban Education

Episode #2.6:  Dr. Tom Hoerr, Scholar in Residence, UMSL College of Education

Episode #2.7:  Darrion Cockrell, UMSL grad, PE Teacher and MO 2021 Teacher of the Year

Episode #2.8:  Dr. Shawn Woodhouse and Alexandra Gresick, MED and EdD programs