Is Your Program Working?

Our mission: To provide to the Saint Louis metropolitan community and beyond:

  1. A service of rigorous, thoughtful evaluation to assess program effectiveness and/or impact in order to facilitate sound, data-driven decisions and inform evidence-based policy.
  2. A portal to facilitate collaboration between academics, schools, school districts, industry, entrepreneurs, practice, and the community.

Our vision: That the Saint Louis metropolitan community embraces the integration of evaluation into every level of educational practice, and implements evidence-based programs, resulting in high quality education for all children. We want to partner with the Saint Louis metropolitan community to develop leading models for the nation.

Our values: Interdisciplinary collaboration, integrity, quality, innovation, inclusion, communication, relevance, scholarship, entrepreneurship.

Why “PEAR”?
The pear tree symbolizes longevity. With evaluation and assessment, the goal is to build partnerships and data-driven programs that are sustainable and effective over the long term.

“PEAR” focuses on providing rigorous evaluation and assessment expertise in order to fuel data-driven decisions. As a partnership, we have a community of experts on which to draw for various projects in order to provide the most flexible, tailored response to an evaluation request.

For more information:

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