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 “The progress of mankind results not only from genuine determination, vision and hope,
but also from a collaboration of individuals sharing and working together for a common cause.”
E. Desmond Lee
         Philanthropist and benefactor of the Regional Institute of Tutorial Education (RITE)
Message from the RITE Director:
     RITE's common cause is to address the academic and social needs of underserved children through training and placing tutors in schools. We have tutors working in two local school districts: Riverview Gardens and St. Louis Public Schools, including three charter schools.
       Another  program that RITE supports is called Conscious Choice. Please see our special page along with the Conscious Choice brochure for a full description of the program.

     We have added some ACT preparation materials and website links, to complement the "ACT Prep for Success" classes.

     RITE also serves as a liaison for parents seeking special help for their children. For example, the College of Education at UMSL has a Literacy Clinic: There is an application online: UMSL College of Education Literacy Clinic. Additional tutoring help is offered through the Y Read program of the YMCA. See the bottom part of the page on their website: Y Read Program.

Judith Cochran, PhD