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“The progress of mankind results not only from genuine determination, vision and hope but also from a collaboration of individuals
sharing and working together for a common cause.”   E. Desmond Lee, philanthropist and benefactor of the RITE Institute

Message from the RITE Director:

     The common cause which the RITE Institute addresses is training tutors to work in underserved schools. We have tutors working in two local school districts: Jennings and St. Louis Public Schools, including three charter schools.

     For parents seeking special help for their children, the College of Education at UMSL has a Literacy Clinic:    There is an application online: UMSL College of Education Literacy Clinic. Additional tutoring help is offered through the Y Read program of the YMCA. See the bottom part of the page on their website: Y Read Program.

     Another  program that RITE supports is called Conscious Choice. Please see our special page along with the Conscious Choice brochure for a full description of the program.

     We have added some ACT preparation materials and website links, to complement the "ACT Prep for Success" classes.

     And finally, I am pleased to announce that I will be teaching a course "Teaching Basic Reading Skills to Adults" at UMSL during the Spring Semester 2015. Please click on this link to see a flyer with more information about the course: Flyer for EDUC 5006 or ADULT ED 4311.

Judith Cochran, PhD